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Teach Phone Number To Kids App

Teach Phone Number To Kids - Teaching kids your phone number can be a trick, and this app is designed to make it a little easier by setting it to music! The app creates a personalized song using YOUR phone number (and according to the app your number never leaves your device)!

I only found this app in the iOS App Store, but if you find it on another platform please post and I'll update the links!

Apple App Store: Click HERE to Grab this Freebie (available for free until July 8, 2019)

Description: Give yourself the gift of knowing that your children have learned the safety skill that parents, teachers, and first responders rank #1: knowing an emergency phone number in the event that you and your child are ever separated.

All you have to do is type in your phone number and we’ll create a personalized song from children’s recording artist and educator, Bobby Beetcut. You and your child can sing along and remix the custom song with hundred of musical combinations. In no time your child will be proudly singing your number. And don’t worry, for added security, your phone number never leaves your device.

You’ll never have to panic during family vacations to Disney resorts, amusement parks, National Parks or visiting grandparents. If your child ever becomes temporarily lost or separated, they’ll only be one song away from finding you.

This is the perfect app to download before a flight and you'll be amazed when your children are singing your number by the time you've reached your destination.


Thanks AppAdvice!

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