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  1. Attachment Parenting Homeschoolers Hampton Roads
    Support group for attachment parenting homeschooling families in Hampton Roads.
  2. Christian Military Homeschoolers
    An educational, fun, parent run, Christian based co-op for families in support of the military. Non military are welcome.
  3. Conservative Homeschooling in Hampton Roads
    The purpose of the group is to connect like minded conservative Hampton Roads families that choose to homeschool.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  4. Freedom Homeschoolers of Williamsburg James City County
    Freedom Homeschoolers of Williamsburg James City County and surrounding areas is a judgement free, bully free group. There are field trips, park playdates, family nights, and some adult only events.
    Williamsburg, VA
  5. Hampton Roads Christian Homeschool Fun
    This is a group for Christian home schooling parents to create fun social events for our children to be a part of. This group is different than other homeschooling groups in that we don't actually discuss homeschooling on the page, including academics, workshops, curriculum, etc. - that can be done in other groups. This is where we take a minute to breathe, and focus on Jesus and fun events only.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  6. Hampton Roads Christian Homeschoolers
    Hampton Roads, VA
  7. Hampton Roads Homeschool Nature Explorers
    Weekly nature group for homeschoolers that meets once a week for group activities, nature walks and free play. Activities are geared towards elementary aged children but younger siblings are welcome.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  8. Hampton Roads Homeschooling group for Spectrum Parents
    Homeschool group for parents with children on the spectrum
    Hampton Roads, VA
  9. Hampton Roads LGBTQ+ Homeschoolers
    This group serves as a safe space for LGBTQ+ homeschoolers, be they students, or parents, and their allies. We provide social interaction virtually and in person (when Covid responsible).
    We hope to create a list of LGBTQ+ affirming co-ops, online classes, museums and. more.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  10. HEARTS Christian Homeschool Group (Field Trips & More)
    HEARTS Christian Homeschool Group (Field Trips & More) - (Formally known as HEARTS Homeschool Group)
    Hampton Roads, VA
  11. Home Educators Recreation & Enrichment Group (HERE)
    We are a social homeschool support group. Meaning while we do have academic related activities our main goal is to create a community and a family. Our goal within that community/family is to offer fellowship, support, and socialization opportunities for both the parents and the children of our group.
  12. Homeschool Club of Hampton and Newport News
    Inclusive social group for homeschooling families with children ages baby to high school.
    Hampton, VA
  13. Homeschool Moms of the Peninsula
    A place where Homeschooling families of Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, & Williamsburg can meet other homeschool families to create playdates, field trips, etc
    Hampton Roads Peninsula, VA
  14. Homeschooled Lego Lovers of Hampton Roads
    The purpose of this group is for Homeschooled, Lego fans to join together, twice per month, where they can build, learn and socialize together while playing with Legos.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  15. Homeschooling Adventures Beyond Curriculum
    Group for home educators on the Hampton Roads Peninsula.
    Hampton Roads, VA
  16. Isle of Wight, VA Area Home Educators
    A site for Isle of Wight (Virginia) area home educators for support, field trips, exchange information, etc.
  17. Peninsula Homeschoolers
    Welcome to Peninsula Homeschoolers! Your area to find and make meet ups on the Peninsula.
  18. Virginia Beach Homeschool Community
    All active homeschooling families in the local area are invited to participate regardless of your co-op or homeschooling affiliation.
    Virginia Beach, VA
  19. Virginia Beach Homeschoolers for ASD
    We are a group of parents who homeschool our ASD children. We all know the importance of socialization when you homeschool, but it becomes vital when you have children on the spectrum.
    Virginia Beach, VA
  20. Virginia Beach Homeschooling Families
    Homeschooling Families in Virginia Beach
    Virginia Beach, VA
  21. Working Homeschool Parents of Hampton Roads
    This group is for those parents in the Hampton Roads area who are working in addition to homeschooling.