Virginia Beach: Martial Arts

Aikido of Virginia Beach

Description: Aikido ages 5+
Phone: (757) 472-3253

Applied Martial Arts Academy

Description: Applied Martial Arts Academy specialize and are certified in the following arts; Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu, Moo Duk Kwon and WTF Tae Kwon Do and Derobio Escrima.

Martial arts and self-defense instruction, personal training, group fitness, Pilates and Circuit training are offered. Light saber date night.

Birthday parties and summer camps available.
Phone: (757) 467-2622

Chae's Taekwondo Academy

Description: Tae Kwon Do training for all ages
Phone: (757) 343-8189

Champion Taekwondo Inc

Description: Taekwondo for youth and adults
Phone: (757) 306-8833

Changing Lives Martial Arts

Description: Karate for ages 3 to adult. Birthday parties and camps available.
Phone: (757) 471-9002

Diego Bispo Academy

Description: Ares BJJ , BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts, MMA, Kids, Family and Homeschool Programs available
Phone: (757) 226-0356

Dragon Connections

Description: Martial Arts ages 3+
Phone: (757) 576-0792

Eastern Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

Description: Martial Arts ages 8+
Phone: (757) 486-5200

Great Neck Martial Arts Academy

Description: Tiny Tigers program for kids 4-5. Martial Arts for Kids fundamentals program for ages 6-11. Tae Kwon Do program for ages 12 and up. Summer Camps available.
Phone: (757) 803-4582

GrindStone Athletics Juniors Muay Thai Program

Description: GrindStone Athletics Muay Thai Junior Program for Middle School boys and girls.

Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, focuses on learning and practicing personal goal-setting and developing self-control and self-discipline through spirited exercise. Student athletes, will become strong, fast, and confident. Students train with experienced instructors who have lived, practiced, and fought in Thailand. The purpose of this class in not to earn a belt or reach a level; the purpose is to teach students how to extend and grow their mental- and physical-health as they build athleticism while learning a new skill. GrindStone Athletics cultivates and maintains a healthy, positive environment needed to succeed inside and outside the gym.
Phone: 757-351-1975

Gustavo Machado Virginia Beach

Description: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ages 5+
Phone: (757) 422-6550

Higher Vision Studios

Description: Ninja Warrior and Martial Arts Classes, Camps, and Birthday parties. Ages 3 and up.
Phone: (757) 297-7583

I.M.P.A.C.T. Athletes Martial Arts Academy

Description: Martial Arts ages 5+
Phone: (757) 655-1662

Jack Dark Tae Kwon Do Champions Martial Arts Center

Description: Jack Dark Tae Kwon Do Champions specializes in teaching Tae Kwon Do, Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) and Fitness Kickboxing.

Our program is individually designed to advance you and your children to your maximum level of both physical and mental well-being. Also, you will find that our instruction stresses the development of individual character, integrity and respect for others.

Homeschool classes available.
Phone: 757-416-1120

Jow Ga Kung Fu

Description: Kung Fu instruction for kids with students from ages 6 to 16. There are two levels of children’s classes, beginner and intermediate.
Phone: 757-463-8888

Kim's Hapkido

Description: Martial Arts ages 3+
Phone: (757) 497-8880

King Tiger Martial Arts

Description: Martial Arts Instruction ages 3+. Summer camps available.
Phone: (757) 468-8889

Little Gym Virginia Beach

Description: Classes ages 0 - 12: Dance, Gymnastics, Sports, Martial Arts, Mommy & Me. Camps & Parties available.
Phone: (757) 368-6600

Master Lee's Joonbi Taekwondo

Description: Martial arts classes for children, teens, and adults at all levels of experience. Camps and Birthday Parties available.
Phone: (757) 430-4443

Master Park's World Champion Tae Kwon Do

Description: Martial Arts Instruction ages 4 to adult. Family classes available. Birthday parties available.
Phone: (757) 563-9330

OBI Karate School

Description: Martial Arts ages 9 and up
Phone: (757) 499-4474

Ocean Martial Arts

Description: Martial Arts for Children, Teens and Adults. Teaching the Chuck Norris System to all ages 5 to 105. Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Physical Fitness and how to deal with Bullys.
Phone: (757) 368-2467

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics

Description: Gymnastics and Tumbling ages 18mos and older. Karate, Cheerleading, Open Gym and more.
Phone: (757) 468-1982

OutFox Mixed Martial Arts

Description: Martial Arts ages 5+ including Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sombo, Wrestling
Phone: (757) 675-7771

Rockwell Hall - JEB Little Creek Fort Story

Description: Military Families: Ongoing, Tae Kwon Do classes for youth ages 4 and up. No contract required. Call for schedule and rates.
Phone: (757) 462-7735

Ryoshin-Kan Karate School

Description: Youth karate. Summer camps available.
Phone: (757) 468-1643

Savior Martial Arts

Description: Christian martial arts ages 4+. Karate, Krav Maga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and weapons training.

Transported After School Care and Birthday parties available.

Fall/Spring & Summer camps with themes changing every week.
Phone: (757) 685-5425

Scorpion Kenpo Jutsu

Description: Martial artist with over 40 years experience. Private instruction available in American Kenpo Karate, American Kickboxing, Combat jujitsu and Escrima. Individual instruction available for students with special needs and is tailored to the individual child.
Phone: 757-618-5636

Seishin Ryu Dojo

Description: Karate for children and adults
Phone: (757) 717-7294

Sky Tae Kwon Do

Description: Tae Kwon Do instruction for kids.
Phone: (757) 233-8417

Tidewater Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Description: MMA, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Grappling and Wrestling
Phone: (757) 237-1969

U S Tae Kwon Do Center

Description: World Taekwondo Federation Olympic Style Taekwondo & Aikido. Classes for children and adults. After school program available.
Phone: (757) 460-2222

US Tae Kwon Do Center

Description: Martial arts for children and adults. Camps and after-school programs available.
Phone: (757) 420-0200

Virginia Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

Description: The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

Virginia Beach Jeet Kune Do Institute

Description: Instruction in Jujitsu, Kung Fu and Bully Prevention programs.
Phone: (757) 724-6653

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Description: Classes, sports and activities for all ages. Many free special events open to the community. Summer Camps and Birthday parties available.
Phone: (757) 385-0402

World Champion Tae Kwon Do - Hilltop

Description: Tae Kwon Do Instruction for all ages. Camps available.
Phone: (757) 563-9330

World Champion Tae Kwon Do - Landstown

Description: Tae Kwon Do Instruction for all ages. Camps available.
Phone: (757) 563-9330

YMCA: Indian River Road

Description: Camps, Martial Arts, Swim, Birthday Parties Available.
Phone: (757) 366-0488 Hampton Roads Group
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