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Kids Can Cook- Apple Nachos

Guest Post by Megan Hogan, Health Coach, Savvy Kitchenista, and founder of www.TakeoutIntervention.com


The holidays make eating healthy extra difficult between the hectic schedule and the abundance of sugary desserts. Having a healthy snack that can be made quickly with ingredients you already have will help keep your kids happy while letting you keep your sanity.

I came up with this idea when babysitting our friends two kids, ages five and seven. The criteria was simple: A snack made of inexpensive ingredients I had on hand, an activity to keep ge the kids involved, and ingredients that are healthy but taste like a treat.

Apple Nachos


1 apple per child, sliced very thin

Toppings of your choice

I used:

Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter melted for 30 seconds to create a sauce

Shredded coconut

Raisins or dried fruit

broken pretzel pieces


What to do:

Mom or dad will need to slice the apples and get things set up. The kids really enjoyed having the toppings set up like an ice cream sundae bar. I put about 2 Tablespoons of each topping in a small dish with spoons.

Then let the kids top their apples with any combination they’d like.

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