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Guest Post: Kids Can Cook- Healthy American Flag Fruit Kebobs

By Megan Hogan, Health Coach


Kids love fruit for the same reasons we do; it’s colorful, juicy, and sweet. We know an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but that can get a little boring day in and day out. Simply changing the presentation can give fruit’s image a new spin, making it simply irresistible.

And here’s a cold hard fact. Kids love eating food off a stick. It’s not rocket science and there’s no statistics to back me up. Just look around; popsicles and lollipops are all time favorites when it comes to having a treat. There’s just something about putting food on a stick that says, “I’m different. I’m special. I’m great for parties. Let’s celebrate!” Besides being ultra kid-friendly, it helps minimize the mess created by sticky fingers.

Summer is full of opportunities for cookouts and backyard celebrations. These little festivities are also diet wreckers if you limit yourself to hotdogs and potato salad. Having a satisfying sweet treat that grownups and kids will both love adds a little health boost disguised as dessert with these healthy fruit kebabs.

The best part is that you don’t have to cook anything, which means your house can stay cool. Your kids will love to help; just make sure there are some extra fruit pieces so they can snack freely while they make their creation.

You can make them with any fruit your family loves. Some favorites include strawberries, grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, and banana. Today I’m going to show you a patriotic display that makes a cute conversation starter for the Fourth of July or Labor Day.

Here’s what you’ll need for tasty American flag fruit kebabs.


You will need:

  • Skewers
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • A Serving Tray

Note: Depending on how many people you’re serving, the amount needed will vary. You need at least 9-12 skewers to make a nice flag shape. This requires 3 bananas, approximately 15-20 strawberries, and less than half a pint of blueberries. For parties, you may want to use a large serving tray or make extras and replenish the display as it’s being eaten.

What you’ll do:

1) Wash your Strawberries and Blueberries well and let drain to dry a bit


2) Peel your bananas and slice them into circles approximately ¼ inch to ½ inch thick


3) Cut the tops off the strawberries and slice them down the center from top to bottom


What your kiddos can do:

1) Put the fruit pieces on the skewers incorporating the blueberries on the top half. You can do any arrangement of blueberries and banana your child sees fit. However, using only blueberries creates a lot of excess space between skewers.


2) Rotate strawberries and banana pieces on the remaining skewers, leaving enough room at the bottom for someone to hold their kebab.


3) Arrange the kebabs containing blueberries on the left and the others to the right.


Bonus: If you didn’t snack on all the fruit and have some remaining you can either save it for later or whip up a tasty smoothie by adding a little orange or apple juice or some almond milk. And if you really want a healthy boost, sneak in some baby spinach…no one will ever even taste it.


I’d love to hear from you! My mission is to support you to bridge the gap between knowing you should be eating healthier and actually doing it. With easy recipes that can be made faster than calling for takeout and a fun and flexible approach to healthy living, I hope to make your life more delicious. If you make this healthy snack or any others, please share pictures of your creations on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/TakeoutIntervention.