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  1. Reminder – 2023 Tidewater Autism Summit (Free Event)

    Save the date for the annual Tidewater Autism Summit, taking place this year at YMCA JT’s Camp Grom in Virginia Beach!

    November 9, 2023
  2. Playdate MeetUps! (Virginia Beach)

    Hi parents, My name is Kala and  this summer I  will be hosting Playdate MeetUps! Our next scheduled playdate is  July 29th at City View Park in Virginia Beach.   These playdates are designed for children with special needs and […]

    July 13, 2023
  3. Surfers Healing 2023 Registration Dates

    Surfers Healing is a wonderful (FREE) program that takes children with autism out on the water to surf.

    May 2, 2023
  4. Insights into Autism Conference 2023

    The 13th Annual Insights into Autism Conference is coming up in February 2023 and it is available both online and in person this year! The topic will be “HELP! Providing Care and Safety to Individuals with Autism”.

    January 10, 2023
  5. Kids’ Kindle Book: Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship

    Harper, a seven-year-old little girl that is typically developing, loves going to the pool. One day when she gets to the pool, she meets a new friend, a little girl who is also seven years old.

    July 28, 2021
  6. NARO Expanded Cinema: The Reason I Jump

    A great event brought to you by Naro Cinemas and the Autism Society in honor of Autism Acceptance Month – NARO Expanded Cinema: The Reason I Jump.

    April 12, 2021
  7. Kids’ Kindle Book: We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3! (Sesame Street)

    This story stars Elmo, Abby, and their friend Julia, who has autism. Together, the three pals have a delightful playdate.

    April 2, 2021
  8. Exceptional Camp – Ages 4-16

    A camp for kids and teens ages 4-16 with autism, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities is coming up this month in Courtland!

    September 18, 2020
  9. The Autism Society Virtual Conference (Tidewater)

    The Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia is hosting their first virtual conference this month!

    August 16, 2020
  10. Autism 101 (Virtual)

    A great resource for parents new to an Autism diagnosis in Hampton Roads.

    August 4, 2020
  11. Local Online Event: Mike Guido – Favorite Maria Story

    A great event for the local autism community this Friday! Please note you must RSVP!

    May 14, 2020
  12. Summerfest Fiesta 2019!

    A special (Free) event for the Autism, Intellectually Disabled, and Developmentally Delayed Community is coming to Hampton!

    August 20, 2019
  13. Kids’ Kindle Book: The Masterpiece

    Join a spunky collection of paintbrushes as they set out to create a grand masterpiece.

    August 6, 2019
  14. Kids’ Kindle Book: Fisher’s Autism Trilogy

    Fisher and his autistic teen friends learn that they have amazing super powers. They use them in many adventures as they encounter a gang of school bullies, ghosts, demons and aliens.

    March 2, 2019
  15. Kids’ Kindle Book: Nathan’s Autism Spectrum Superpowers

    The superhero of this book, Nathan, explains about his Autism Spectrum Superpowers, how they affect him, and ways his friends can help out when his superpowers spiral out of control.

    October 28, 2018

    A free family event to enjoy and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.

    October 17, 2018
  17. Free Social Skills Group for Autistic Youth (Ages 6-10)

    The Up Center is hosting FREE Social Skills and Autism Skill Building Groups for Children ages 6-10, and a Parental Support Group for Caregivers. There will be locations for this group in both Norfolk and Portsmouth.

    July 22, 2018
  18. Bedtime Story Suggestion: Amy Is Aumazing: How It Feels To Have Autism

    Meet Amy, an almost 6 year old kindergartner who is gifted and talented but also has autism.

    April 2, 2017
  19. Carnival For A Cause

    Happening Saturday! All proceeds go towards expanding services and providing scholarships to children and families affected by autism. Admission is free, tickets for rides are available for purchase online or at the carnival.…

    April 14, 2015
  20. Light It Up Blue at PTC

    Come out to "Light It Up Blue" and help raise local awareness for Autism. Taking place Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 6pm at Peninsula Town Center. Click HERE for additional information. Looking for local…

    April 1, 2014
  21. Book Download: Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents

    This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Click the link to download: Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents…

    December 14, 2012
  22. Ebook Download: The Thursday Surprise: A Story about Kids and Autism

    This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Click the link to download: The Thursday Surprise: A Story about Kids…

    November 17, 2012
  23. Reminder- Bikes & Tykes: A Carnival and Auction for Children with Autism

    The Mea’Alofa Autism Support Center (MASC) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization located in Chesapeake, VA that provides ABA Therapy and other services to children with Autism regardless of the families…

    September 20, 2012