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The Garden Bros. Circus Is In Town! (Free Kids Ticket)

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The Garden Bros. Circus is in town! Tickets are still available for many of the performances:

Where: Chartway Arena – 4320 Hampton Blvd – Norfolk VA (note this is a location change!)
When: May 13-16, 2021, there are 2-3 performances each day


About Garden Bros. Circus:

  • The performers: Comprised of over 60 amazing individuals from across more than 22 countries, the cast features such acts as the Daring Aerial Artists, Six Motorcycles in the Sphere of Fear, and Chinese Acrobats.
  • The spectacle: A theatrical extravaganza loaded with thrilling special effects, concert-style lighting, trained elephants, and three rings overflowing with excitement incite laughter and lasting memories amongst families.
  • In big shoes: Throughout the event, whimsical clowns crack up the audience with their mischievous antics and family-friendly humor.