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Monthly Birthday Celebrations for Kids!

Note from MyActiveChild.com: When I was first sent information about this idea, it brought me back to a birthday for my youngest child when we had JUST moved to a new duty station. We knew nobody, and it made planning a birthday party for my super social kid SO stressful (I literally went door to door in the new neighborhood looking for kids to attend). MyActiveChild isn’t directly involved in this Community Birthday Party initiative, but I am happy to help spread the word about it! – Charlotte

Presenting “monthly” community birthday parties!! Coordinated through the local Birthday Bash Celebrations Facebook Group, celebrations will be once a month for children’s birthdays 5 years and younger. These will usually take place at a public beach or a local park.

The process will be:

1st Week of the month: Registration for the birthday child is the first week of the month.

2nd Week of the month: Registration to attend is open to the public. Each family may not exceed 5 people. We max at 100. So, after that there will be a waitlist. Registration ends the second Friday of every month.

Please note: Birthday children and guests must be 5 and younger. Parent/Guardian must be in attendance at all times for the duration of the party. Children can participate in dancing, games, and toys that will be provided on-site.

Party cakes/decorations/supplies: Families are encouraged to bring their own food, cake, or cupcakes. Alternatively, they can use donated cake mix. While we do not provide cakes, we offer a few items for free rental such as a microphone, speaker, and foldable table. We simply ask that these items be returned in the same condition as they were received.

Additionally, families can choose from a selection of donated party supplies, including cups, table covers, balloons, cake mix, cake toppers, candles, plates, napkins, birthday bags, and a gift. Please note that these items are limited, and only one item per family per category is allowed.

Gifts: Finally, it’s important to note that we do not expect any gifts from our guests. Our focus is simply on bringing the community together for an awesome time.

Join the FB group Birthday Bash Celebrations for updates! You may message the group admin, Jasmine, for registrations or any questions you may have.

“I’m passionate about creating a positive change in the community, which is why I am embarking on this initiative. One of the reasons that drove me to start this project is the prevalence of posts showcasing kids celebrating their birthdays without any guests, which is disheartening to see. Another reason is that many families cannot afford to host birthday parties, and this also saddens me.

I want to make a difference by providing a fun and affordable option for families. My goal is to remind parents that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create lasting memories for your children.”

– Jasmine

Join the FB group Birthday Bash Celebrations Here!