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Post-Halloween Candy Options

Operation Gratitude Halloween

Have you heard about the idea of Halloween Candy Give-Back or Buy-Back? There seem to be several versions of this idea, and many local dentists may participate on their own so make sure to ask yours!

The Idea:

Children can donate excess Halloween Candy to deployed troops or trade it in at participating dental offices for prizes/incentives. Check out the links for more information on two of these programs:

Operation Gratitude: collects the candy and sends it to military troops deployed in harms way. Operation Gratitude accepts candy from anyone, not just dentists. They are working with schools, businesses, gyms, religious and civic groups, and individuals who collect candy and then ship it to them.

This program can be a great way to give to others (and support our troops!) while reducing the candy in your house and make positive use of any leftover candy when Halloween trick-or-treating is over. Click HERE to learn more about Operation Gratitude.

Halloween Candy Buy Back Program: Kids can turn in candy for different incentives. It may also be worthwhile to check with your current dentist, they may have a similar policy for Halloween candy even if they aren’t a registered location!