Guest Post: MOCA’s ANDY WARHOL inspired PROJECT!


Guest Post: MOCA’s ANDY WARHOL inspired PROJECT!

Andy Warhol was a pop artist, well-known for his colorful, repetitive art created in the 1950-80’s. The word pop is a short word meaning popular. Popular means cool or in. This could refer to things or people, such as famous or well-known people and things. Who does your child consider famous or cool? Do you know? Ask.


Step 1: MOM/ DAD/ BABYSITTER/ or TEACHER: Research the world wide web (www.) in search of coloring book page images of your child’s famous person, character, or thing of interest.

For example, Google image search> enter> Dora the Explorer coloring book page

Or, check out this amazing site for your search:


Step 2: Following the coloring book page selection, print four copies. Andy Warhol loved repetition.

Explain that a printer is a great tool for making copies and creating repetition, the same thing repeated. Using a printer is fast. Andy would have liked that!

Repetition, example: cow 1…2…3…4. My favorite animal is a cow!


Step 3: Create a grid of four flipped, backside coloring book pages. Make sure the flipped pages line up to create an identical, repetitive large rectangle. Kids, remember identical means the same. All images should be facing the same direction.


Step 4: Tape all the pieces together.


Step 5: Flip your rectangle over. It is time to color! Provide makers, crayons, colored pencils, or a combination of all. Fill in each page to be unique, which means different. Andy liked bold, bright colors. Try to use one color per space. Leaving some white spaces makes it interesting. Don’t forget to color the background!


Step 6: All Done! Visit the Andy Warhol: Portraits exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), May 25-August 19, 2012.


2200 Parks Avenue | Virginia Beach, VA 23451 | 757-425-0000

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