Guest Post: Crafting with Virginia MOCA!


I am very excited to be sharing regular posts with you featuring Craft Ideas from Art Educator Kim Herman at Virginia MOCA! This installment is based on the Dragon Sculpture in the New Waves 2012 show on display at Virginia MOCA from March 22, 2012 - April 29, 2012.


New Waves Gallery Dragon


Materials needed:

2 googly eyes

1 small Chinese food take-out box

1 small paper plate

Tissue paper of multiple colors

2 small pom pom balls

1 piece of construction paper

1 piece of plain white paper (optional*)

Glue and tape


  • Position Chinese box in center of the plate.
  • Tape down Chinese box to paper plate using the box flaps (see image.)
  • Cut a snout shape out of construction paper (square with two hills on top) (see image.)
  • Glue your snout to the top of the take out box.
  • Rip paper strips out of tissue paper (15-20 approx.)
  • Place and glue the strips around the rim of the paper plate.
  • Cut out five small triangles for teeth from tissue paper (*or plain white paper.)
  • Place and glue down googly eyes and pom pom nostrils.
  • All to dry and later…play around as a crazy fire breathing dragon or hang on the wall with a thumb tack.


Parents: Great ways to get the discussion going:

Q. Ask your child what is the name of his/her dragon?

Q. What does a dragon do for fun?

Q. Where does a dragon live?

Bring your dragons to the museum! Make up stories, make-believe, and most importantly have fun!

Find the Dragon sculpture in the New Waves 2012 show, March 22, 2012 - April 29, 2012.

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