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Fatherhood Symposium (Free Event)

Fatherhood Symposium Hampton Roads VA

This one is for the Dads! The Healthy Start Loving Steps Program is hosting a Fatherhood Symposium on June 25, 2022.

Where: Online

When: June 25, 2022

Cost: Free!

Description:  This year’s virtual symposium boasts moderators and panelists who are leaders on the Fatherhood Movement all over the country. They will be engaged in an interactive dialogue with other panelists and the many participants in attendance about the benefits of Father Engagement.

Attendees will also virtually voyage into the local barbershop, the sacred space where men and fathers gather to have “Shop Talk” about their own fatherhood experiences, challenges, and concrete steps for fathers to better engage with their families. All are welcome to this virtual event; Parents, Professionals, and People of goodwill.

Register Here.

Fatherhood Symposium Hampton Roads VA