CTHR Presents: Chasing Mother Goose


Currently playing in Virginia Beach as a production of the Children's Theatre of Hampton Roads. 

When: July 23, 30, and August 06, 2017 Sundays  at 2pm

Cost: $10 per ticket. Purchase tickets HERE.

Description: The venerable poet Mother Goose currently presides over a library that houses every piece of literature in existence. Day and night she does her best to keep order and ensure peace among the shelves. But even under her no-nonsense watch, the books have a tendency to get out of hand…

Things come to a head when the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland shows up with the Mad Hatter close behind. Captain Ahab appears when a tattered copy of Moby Dick is returned, only to find that the pages that describe the creature that took his leg have gone missing. Mother Goose and the Hatter have no choice but to comb the other books for Ahab’s lost pages and put him back together before the library opens in the morning. On their journey they pass through Treasure Island, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and many more, all the while fleeing the amnesic Ahab on his misguided mission. A hilariously creative play, rich with audience interaction and touching moments. Suitable for all ages.

Chasing Mother Goose CTHR.jpg

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