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Current Discounts for Brick Fest Live: A Family Event For BRICK Fans

Brick Fest Live Hampton VA

Brick Fest Live: a Family Event for BRICK Fans is headed to Hampton!

Ticket Options:

Through Brick Fest: Save 25% on Tickets to Brick Fest Live: a Family Event for LEGO Fans! Note the final price of 2 VIP tickets including fees comes to $80.28 with the 25% discount for this option.

Groupon: You Can Save 20% on Groupon (where the fees are included). Note the final price of 2 VIP tickets comes to $60.78 with the 20% discount for this option.

Location: Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666

Event Description: For many, the fascination with LEGO bricks begins in childhood and endures into adulthood. The inspiration and education behind the custom creations and constructions merely increase in size along with the person. Brick Fest Live LEGO Fan Festival provides a venue for LEGO lovers of all sizes to come celebrate their mutual affection, build new creations, and see some truly mind-blowing LEGO sculptures to help set the imagination free.

Dates and Times

  • Saturday, June 8, 2024 – several sessions available
  • Sunday, June 9, 2024: several sessions available
About the Event:
  • General admission or VIP admission
  • Paid admission is required for all attendees ages 3+ including all parents and/or guardians (children 2 and under are free)

Some of the planned experiences:

  • Glow Zone: See brick art shine under black light and add your custom creations to the most unique building experience at Brick Fest Live!
  • eBay Raceway: Build, Race, and Win! Watch your custom-built derby car zoom on 35-foot-long timed tracks!
  • Guinness World-Record-Setting Mosaic: Build your part of Brick Fest Live’s biggest Mosaic.
  • Creation Stations: Add to mind-blowing builds and make them your own with over a million bricks ready for play.
  • Mosaics: Using a colorful variety of 1×1 LEGO® bricks, create your mosaic tile and be part of the show!
  • Shopping: Find new or rare LEGO® sets and merchandise.