Bedtime Story Suggestion: Everyone Has Eyes


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Amazon Description: Yes, if you didn’t have eyes you couldn’t see The light of a candle or the lights on a Hanukkah or Christmas tree. You couldn’t see the light of a shooting star, Or see the rest of the stars in the heavens that seem so far. You couldn’t see the sunrise as it greets the day… And couldn’t follow the path in a garden, you’d lose your way. You couldn’t see the clouds dancing in the beautiful, blue sky, And you couldn’t see the gracefulness of birds as they fly by.

These are just a sample of some of the things one might miss without the gift of sight. There are endless colors, objects, and smiles on the faces of loved ones that would be lost. Fortunately, there are glasses and even seeing-eye dogs to help those who do not have vision or perfect vision. All of these are touched on in this simple explanation of the value of our eyes and how to care for them.

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