Community Day at Pfac! (Free Event)


This Saturday is Community Day at Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News, based on the current exhibit: To Walk in Beauty, Native American Art Past & Present. Planned activities include:

  • The Primitive Tool Group will do art demos of broom weaving, flint knapping, pottery, and are selling many other Native American artworks.
  • Guest Artist Kristin Dillard will teach Powhatan hand crafts.
  • The Cherokee believe good and bad dreams fly around at night. Make a contemporary version of a dream catcher. 
  • Learn about Tlingit symbols and design and decorate a totem pole.
  • Use our hand-carved block to create your own Tlingit Print.
  • Make and decorate your own Lakota-Sioux charm bag while learning about this tribe. 
  • Enjoy Interactive tours with gallery hosts and become an expert level museum detective with gallery scavenger hunts. 
  • Explore the sensory table and Hands on For Kids Galleries and learn to weave or enjoy one of the many other child-friendly activities.  

When: Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 11am-2pm

Where: Peninsula Fine Arts Center 101 Museum Dr, Newport News, VA 23606

Cost: Admission is Free. 

More Information: Click HERE

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