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World Oceans Day In Hampton Roads

World Oceans Day

June 8, 2020 is World Oceans Day, a day when people around the globe come together to celebrate our ocean and take action to protect it. Living by the beach allows most of us the opportunity to enjoy all the fun the ocean has to offer, and conservation directly impacts us all.

This year the conservation and awareness is taking place virtually, here are some links to check out locally in Hampton Roads!

The Mariners’ Museum

  • As of this post there is nothing specific posted regarding World Oceans Day, but every day is World Oceans Day at the Mariners’ Museum. Follow their posts on Facebook.


We’re celebrating #WorldOceansDay by looking at how we interact with our ocean! Join us at 11 a.m. each day this week to learn about how we protect, travel, celebrate, and explore the ocean.
  • Monday, June 8: Protecting the Ocean – An interview with Keep Norfolk Beautiful and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
  • Tuesday, June 9: Learning about the Ocean – Looking at one of our ocean’s residents, the Striped Burrfish!
  • Wednesday, June 10: Traveling the Ocean – Battleship Wisconsin’s journey on the ocean.
  • Thursday, June 11: Celebrating Ocean Education – Sail Nauticus Academy 2020 Graduation Ceremony.
  • Friday, June 12: Exploring the Ocean – ROVs!

Virginia Aquarium:

  • As of this post there is nothing specific posted regarding World Oceans Day, but every day is World Oceans Day at the Aquarium – Follow Virginia Aquarium posts on Facebook.
Virginia Living Museum:
  • Happy #WorldOceansDay! Oceans make up 70% of Earth’s surface, but pollution and climate change threaten the survival of the many plants and animals who make their homes in the oceans around the world. By partnering with other AZA institutions and research teams across the state, the VLM participates in and leads several conservation projects all centered around preserving the many creatures who call our bays and oceans home. Stick around VLM social media today for ways you can get involved in local and national conservation projects! Together we can turn the tides of climate change and make waves in ocean conservation! 

To find out more about World Oceans Day Click HERE.