Snow Dough!



Snow on the ground or not, there is no reason you can't have some snow-inspired fun indoors!

I found a great recipe for making "Snow-Dough" (or white play-doh) on one of my favorite crafty blogs The Imagination Tree and we have been having so much fun with it!

My 3yr old came up with these great snow gardens made out of sparkly snow-dough and pop beads.


Click HERE for the recipe.

I would recommend making sure you use VERY hot boiling water, or even taking this no-cook version to the stovetop for a more traditional cooking session, I found it made a big difference in how the ingredients came together.

Important: make sure you use cornstarch, in the UK it is called cornflour but here in the US it is cornstarch. I also had to ask for help finding glycerin at my local CVS but they did have it!



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