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Save on Smartypants Vitamins (My Favorite Kids Vitamin!)

I always run to buy these vitamins at a discount (regular price is expensive!) and I knew I had to let you all know how much I love these vitamins! Included in this sale are the vitamins for kids but also prenatal, adult, and for ages 50+!

A couple of years ago our pediatrician at the time recommended my kids both take a Vitamin D supplement. I already was giving them a multivitamin and fish oil in the mornings and the idea of adding another supplement to our crazy mornings wasn’t something I was excited about. I started looking for a vitamin that incorporated Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and a multivitamin and that search led me to Smartypants!

I love that these gummies offer everything I wanted from one product, how often does that happen? They also taste great and my kids love them.

The great news today is, if you’re interested in trying them (or stocking up like I did!) you can save today on Amazon!

Click HERE to Check out the Selection (they also have probiotics, adult vitamins, prenatal vitamins, etc).