Save on White Noise Machines (Highly Recommend!)



I own a much older model of Marpac Noise machines and the day I bought it I believe I paid full price (and would have paid much more). I was desperate for sleep and this machine promptly landed in my infant's room in an effort to block out the household noise and encourage him to sleep for more than an hour at a time.

I can't claim he slept through the night from then on (he didn't), but this noise machine has earned itself a spot in our home that is still going over 7 years later. It is given to guests when they stay over so that my VERY early riser doesn't wake them. It is used in my daughter's room when she thinks she hears scary noises (or if she complains we are watching late night tv too loud).

I can use it if I need quiet worktime when my house is anything but quiet. It is solid in benefit, and I wanted to share with you guys when I saw it discounted today! 

Click HERE to Grab Your White Noise Machine for 30% off!

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