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Rec ‘n’ Roll Scuttle Bus Events (Hampton)

Rec & Roll Scuttle Bus 2023

The Rec ‘n’ Roll Scuttle Bus is touring through Hampton this Summer! The Rec ‘n’ Roll Scuttle Bus will take to the streets beginning in July to bring recreational activities to city neighborhoods.

About Rec ‘n’ Roll:  The Scuttle Bus is loaded with recreation equipment and games and also has a WiFi hot spot to use during visits. While the bus offers fun designed for children ages 5- 12, it is inclusive and open to all age groups. No registration is required.

Schedule: Each date below, from 5-8pm

    • July 11 – Buckroe Beach Neighborhood Park
    • July 13 – Kraft Neighborhood Park
    • July 18 – Aberdeen Neighborhood Park
    • July 20 – Cary Neighborhood Park
    • July 25 – Fulton Street Neighborhood Park
    • July 27 – Eason Memorial Neighborhood Park
    • August 1 – Hampton Skate Park
    • August 3 – Armstrong Neighborhood Park
    • August 8 – Bay Creek Apartments
    • August 10 – Langley Square Apartments
    • August 15 – Shell Roads Apartments
    • August 17 – Buckroe Beach Neighborhood Park

For more information or to ask any questions, call Hampton Parks & Recreation at 757-727-6348. Updates: CLICK HERE