Kids Can Cook- Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas

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Kids Can Cook- Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas

By Megan Hogan, CHHC, AADP


Kids can be picky eaters and it’s easy to fall into a food rut in an attempt to keep the peace. Here’s a clever spin on the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich that the kiddos can have fun making themselves with little to no help from Mom and Dad.

What you’ll need:

  • Bread: Now’s a good time to sneak in whole wheat if you haven’t made the transition yet.
  • Peanut butter: Preferably one without hydrogenated oils and organic is best.
  • Jelly: Look for one that doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup.
  • Rolling pin: If you don’t have one, grab a can of soup or even let your kiddo smash the bread flat with their hands.
  • Cookie cutters: Simple shapes like stars and hearts work the best. Look for one large enough to use the whole piece of bread or small enough to make a few bite sized sandwiches out of one slice.

Easy enough. Chances are you already have these three magic ingredients at home. You can certainly get crafty with your choice of tools.


What to do:

Clear a surface for the sandwich making and let your child get their hands messy creating a fun lunch. Tip: You may want to put your peanut butter and jelly in a separate dish to keep the ingredients neat for the next person to use. Kids will double dip and use way more than they should; all a part of the fun!

For Sandwich Rollups: Cut the crust off your bread and press it flat with a rolling pin or clean hands. Spread peanut butter and jelly on bread and roll it up like sushi. Use a knife to cut sandwich roll in half. Spreads and lunch meats work better for rollups rather than whole pieces of fruit.

For Cookie Cutter Sandwiches: Make any sandwich as usual and use a cookie cutter to create a fun shape.


A Note about Peanut Allergies:

Lots of schools have banned peanut butter due to serious allergies that should not be taken lightly. If your child has a nut allergy or is unable to enjoy peanut butter in school, there are some other flavor combos that are just as tasty. Check out the suggestions below or create your own.


Kid Tested Flavor Combinations:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Peanut Butter and Smashed Banana
  • Cream Cheese and Strawberry Slices
  • Cream Cheese and Jelly
  • Turkey and Cheese


Megan Hogan is a Certified Health Coach and Savvy Kitchenista who can make a meal that tastes amazing, doesn’t cost a fortune, and won’t make you fat…in less time than calling for takeout. And she teaches people who love great food as much as she does how to do the same.

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