Guest Post: When Friends Become Family

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Sharon S. the “Southern Yankee” is a Hampton Roads mom of two, and has lived in Virginia for eight years.

We moved after getting married over eight years ago. Usually up for something fun and exciting, I had no qualms about leaving my home state after living there for 20 years. Sure tears were shed because there would be a big change in not seeing family and friends every week; but new experiences were on the horizon. Starting over, in a way. Nobody knew who I was in our new state – I could be anybody! The possibilities were endless.

After a few years of living in one city we moved again though not far – same state different zip code. We needed a bigger place since our family was about to get bigger. Our first daughter was born in the beginning of summer. I was on maternity leave for all of it but don’t remember too much of that summer of 2008, except for visits from family to see us and the new baby. But no real details of the day to day. Suffering from but in denial of post- partum depression, when I finally came out it was like waking up from a fog.

Going back to work didn’t last very long, after long discussions we decided we could live on one income. After being in the workforce since 16, I quit to stay home. And, well, now what? My husband was gone a lot due to his job and it was just me & our daughter. Alone. It’s hard to have a conversation with a 4month old. She listens but what she really comprehending? Mmmmm probably not.

Months later (and I kick myself for not having looked sooner!) I was looking online at a local website and saw a listing for a Moms Club. A Moms Club!! Other grownups. With grown up conversation! I shot off an email, and not long after was going to our first play-date. I remember that day from over four years ago, and am so happy to call some of those ladies my best friends now.

Our kids have grown up together, and new children added to the bunch. We’ve celebrated birthdays, dance recitals, had sleepovers, and moms nights out. We’ve gone through deployments and new jobs, first days of school. All the exciting life experiences and all the little mundane day to day things as well – sleep patterns, diaper changes, what you ate for breakfast. We support each other and any endeavors, listen without judgment, and make each other laugh. They know me, who I’ve become since moving here – faults and all. They know my children - one since birth – and have watched them grow.

When I left “home” eight years ago I had no idea what was in store for me and liked it that way. Now I have two families – one by blood and one by friendship. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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