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Catherine Verdier lives in Norfolk with her husband and daughter. She blogs about kid-friendly living in Hampton Roads at Where the Watermelons Grow.

On a snowy afternoon a few weeks ago, James, Anne, and I drove out to Pungo to have lunch together. Snow is rare enough down here that whenever it happens, it's a special day, and what better way to mark a special day than with a pizza party at Pungo Pizza?


Pungo Pizza is a family-friendly, family-owned restaurant, a true locals' spot. You might not run across it in area restaurant roundups, but it's well worth the visit, for a few reasons: first, the food is delicious: tasty, traditional New York style pizza, with tons of cheese (J.'s favorite), sauce (A.'s), and a thick, air-bubbly crust (mine).


Second, there's a LOT of it -- the slices are so big that they overlap the edges of the plates. Third, and best of all, the downstairs part of the restaurant features a good-sized game room with old-fashioned arcade games, pinball machines, and coin-operated rides.

It reminds me a little bit of the pizza parlors that were everywhere in my childhood and seem to be going extinct nowadays. I'm extra-glad this one exists.


We had a great time -- Baby Anne ate her body weight in pepperoni pizza, had fun picking songs on the jukebox, and played happily with the "prizes" from the gumball machines that she bought with the quarters we scrounged -- little rubber balls and tattoos, and a "fancy" "diamond" necklace that she showed off proudly to everybody who came by our table.

She was a little afraid to ride in the coin-operated car (sorry to the other diners whose ears were pierced by that scream), but she rallied in time to help her dad play some Ms. Pacman and Police Trainer.


Pungo Pizza does take out, catering, and events -- don't forget to check out their Specials Calendar before you visit!

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