Guest Post: Mommy’s Holiday Travel Survival Guide



Mommy’s Holiday Travel Survival Guide
By Tamra Andress, Owner, Modern Maternity

We are officially in the thick of the holiday season (Christmas and New Years are days away)! I’m sure other moms can relate when I explain how the week before Christmas, my typically calm and peaceful home turns into a mad house. Wrapping paper becomes a table cloth, powdered sugar dusts the kitchen walls, family and friends are running about and someone usually ends up with a cold. Add traveling to the mix and it’s even crazier.

Luckily for me, having just recently had a child, my family is nearby and close enough to travel to Virginia Beach to spend the holiday if they don’t already live here. But for all those moms who will be traveling during the busiest travel season of the year, I’ve put together a little holiday travel survival kit to help you survive just about anything!

To keep the babies happy:

Make sure you pack all the soothing necessities your new baby will need. When travelling away from home, you want your little one to feel as comfortable as possible and distracted when needed. If your baby is teething don’t forget one or two of their favorite teething toys to help soothe and distract them.

Help your baby feel safe and secure by wrapping them in a swaddle. Swaddles keep them warm and cozy and mimic a mother’s touch. Packing a pacifier is obvious. But losing that paci would be a nightmare. Look for devices that secure a paci and either clip to your baby’s clothes or the carrier so that it won’t get lost.

To keep the toddlers busy:

We all know how hard it can be to keep toddlers entertained! My advice is to bring easy to pack toys and books. Sticker books are great to keep your toddler busy for hours! If you have a long layover at an airport, your little one will more than likely start to get a bit antsy. Bring a mat or blanket to lie on the floor so they can play with a few of the toys you’ve packed. And never forget to bring snacks! Flights can be delayed and plans change which could end up pushing dinner back. Better safe than sorry- throw a few pouch snacks in your bag to hold them over!

To keep mommy sane:

Colds always seem to come on at the most inopportune times- am I right? Make sure you bring a few travel packets of medicine and any other tools you may need (thermometer, Nose Frida, etc.) for you and baby! Cold weather and travel always seem to dry out your skin, so don’t forget your favorite moisturizers and other beauty products that will make you feel good while travelling. And of course- easy access nursing apparel! I’m not sure what women did back in the day before someone invented it.

What other travel tips do you have for parents of babies and toddlers? Do you have any must have items you would add to this list?

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