Guest Post: Learning American Sign Language (ASL)


Diann Shorter is the Owner of Sign With Me Virginia, a online resource that provides a wide variety of American Sign Language(ASL) and other products for adults and children of different abilities.

One of the best ways to learn sign language or any language is by telling a story. It is now mid-summer so let's go camping!

Parents you can use this story along with the included signs to teach your children some sign language while also telling a story. Hope you like it. Below are some links for the little ones to play topic related games.

My Camping Trip..

Let's go camping.jpg

in the forest.jpg.

We can have a picnic.jpg

at the picnictable.jpg.

We can then go fishing1.jpg

in the river2.jpg.

In the evening we can sleep in the tent.jpg

and tomorrow we will go home3.jpg.

Topic Related Game Suggestions:

Animal Forest Game

Create an Animal Forest

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