Guest Post: Get Active! Dance Party

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Each week we will bring you a new Guest Blog Post with ideas and games to get the kids up and moving as a part of our Get Active series! Today's Get Active Post is brought to you by Jessica Black, Director at MyGym Virginia Beach-Hilltop.

This week’s Get Active Challenge is SUPER fun and REALLY easy! All you need is MUSIC!

This activity is one of my favorites because it promotes creativity and is fun for everyone who plays! This game is great to play if your kids had sugar cereal for breakfast and they just need to burn some extra energy off! The instructions are simple:

For younger children (14 months-23 months) :

  • Explain to your child when the music is on that you want to see their best dance moves.
  • When the music is off, we FREEZE!

For toddlers (2 yrs old-3 yrs old):

  • Make it trickier as they get the hang of it. Once they are doing well at freezing when the music is off, add more elements to make it a little more challenging. Here are some ideas:
    • “This time when the music stops I am going to call out an animal and we have to dance like the animal I call out!” Some really funny ones to do are:
      • Bunny, frog, tiger, and duck
  • Teach them some dance moves!!! Here are some good ones that will not only have them moving, but keep you laughing!
    • “Put one hand in the air, and one hand down low. Now switch them back and forth and say DO THE MONKEY!”
    • “Hop on one foot, now switch!”

This activity is sure to help your kids burn energy while being active and using their imagination!

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