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Happy Thanksgiving From MyActiveChild!

Happy Thanksgiving from MyActiveChild.com

Wishing all of you reading this a beautiful, safe holiday full of Zooms with favorite people, favorite recipes, and new memories made. For those of you not able to spend time with loved ones this year, I’m sending some extra love your way. This year hasn’t been an easy one for anyone and being apart from loved ones has been the hardest part for so many of us.

I’m so THANKFUL for each of you, and your support of MyActiveChild, thank you for being here and a part of this awesome community.

Also, a special THANKFUL shout out to Christina, Liz & Jude who do so much to help keep MyActiveChild moving smoothly!

Happy Thanksgiving!


ps: There ARE some things happening Thanksgiving Day in Hampton Roads, you can check out the CALENDAR HERE, just be sure to click through the links to make sure events are happening as scheduled before heading out!

pps: Winter holidays are all coming fast! Make sure to check out our BIG LISTS OF HOLIDAY FUN to see what holiday events (virtual and in-person with safety measures) are being planned. Enjoy!