Guest Post: Get Active! Playground Memory Game


Each week we bring you a new Guest Blog Post with ideas and games to get the kids up and moving as a part of our Get Active series! Today's Get Active Post is brought to you by Jessica Black, Director at MyGym Virginia Beach-Hilltop.

This week’s get active challenge is the Playground Memory Game! This game is VERY easy to play, and promises hours of fun!


No supplies needed, just take a walk to your local playground! The bigger the better!


This game is super easy to play!

  • When you get to the playground, instruct your child to do one of the “challenges” listed below.
  • After they complete the challenge, give them another one, and make them add it on to the one they just did. (So they will be doing the first one, AND the new one you added).
  • Continue adding challenges on over and over and see how many they can do in a row before they start to forget or get confused!
  • Then, start over, and this time let them tell YOU what to do!

“CHALLENGES” to get you started

  • Climb the ladder
  • Go down the slide
  • Go across the monkey bars
  • Crawl under the swings
  • Go through the tunnel
  • Hang on to a monkey bar as long as you can and then drop down and land on two feet
  • Walk UP the slide holding onto the sides like a bear
  • Climb up the rocks/ramp/other type of ladder
  • Steer the jet/car/truck (most playgrounds have a steering wheel)
  • Hop like a bunny down the ramp

Feel free to add some more! Every park is different so get creative!

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