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Each week we will bring you a new Guest Blog Post with ideas and games to get the kids up and moving as a part of our Get Active series! Today's Get Active Post is brought to you by Sharon from Momondealz!

Move It and Learn It

Homework can be torture for both parents and children. Why not make it fun? Why not get active AND learn at the same time? The great news is that you can!


Move and use your bodies to complete homework or to study for big tests! You can use anything around the house that relates to the topic your child has homework in that night! Here are some ideas:

Learning letters and sounds: Have your child think about words that begin with letters of the alphabet and have them act out those words. Example: A for alligator –your child can walk around the room using their arms as an alligator’s mouth snapping!

Math Practice: Have your child do jumping jacks or dance moves for each number in a problem. Example: 4+5=9-your child can jump up and down 4 times, twirl 5 times and count their way to the solution.

Science: Get silly and have your child act out science experiments or science terms. There are tons of fun examples: When learning habitats have your child actually try to build them out of materials in the room (blankets and chairs for a beaver’s dam on the pond, etc). For learning states of matter have your child act pretend they are a liquid and all jiggle or stand like a statue to portray a solid.

Spelling practice: Try forming the letters of each word with your hands or body. Or write each letter of the alphabet on sheets of paper and lay them all over the room. Have your child jump, walk, or skip to spell out their spelling words.

Move it and learn it is not only a more fun and relaxing way to practice skills, but many children learn better by combining physical activity with a skill rather than completing boring drills!

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