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Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads Has Gone Digital

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Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads

Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads has recently launched three new digital distance learning platforms: Amazing Athletes @Home, Amazing Athletes Live Stream, and Amazing Athletes Skills & Drills powered by Famer App.

These new platforms bring the excitement and fun that is our Amazing Athletes programs to your mobile devices! Through our new distance learning platforms, you can now live-stream sessions broadcast nationwide for your child (ages 2-12) to follow along with, and use our app which provides weekly training videos lead by our coaches for you to coach your child at home with.

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Amazing Athletes @HOME: 

Our Amazing Athletes @HOME Virtual Classes will take learning to the next level, with fully interactive sessions in a small group setting.  We literally bring our physical location classes straight to your computer or smart device!  Signup for a class that will run the same day, same time and with the same coach each week.

Through our digital classroom, children can see their teammates and work directly with their coach. You will have the ability to ask direct questions and screen share with the coach for individual instruction.  There will also be an opportunity for your coach to assign activity sheets and other fun games and drills to work on after class.

Classes will run 30-45 mins (age-dependent) and will follow our normal class structure, including warm-ups, stretching exercises, skill intro and progression.  A replay of the class will also be available immediately following each session, so that your athlete can continuing practicing. Lessons are designed with small spaces in mind – a 5x5ft area is all you need. No equipment, no problem! Coaches suggest items to use that are easily found around the house.

Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads Virginia

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Amazing Athletes Live Stream:

Join our Live Stream channel to follow along with coaches as they lead a fun, 20-minute session that is broadcast nationwide. All classes are age-specific and will be streamed at 7 days a week from 8 AM – 8 PM ET.

Each video will have a short description informing families what activities will be covered, including daily themes, early childhood learning concepts and the targeted age of our viewers. We will also share any equipment that will be needed for the class, along with a list of imaginative alternatives that can easily be found around the house. Coaches will then lead a warmup and stretching activity, followed by the skill or theme of the day with progression as the class goes on.

If you miss a stream you were hoping to watch, no problem! You will have access to the library of videos as they are created, broken into age-specific learning groups so that you can easily find appropriate content for your athlete.

Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads

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Amazing Athletes Skills + Drills:

Amazing Athletes Skills + Drills by the Famer App will allow families access to our weekly curriculum direct to their mobile devices or tablet. With training videos, you will be able to view each week’s full curriculum of 2-6 age-specific skills to coach your child continuing their motor development and skill progression while schools are out. Each lesson has a set of goals to complete before moving onto the next exercise, keeping kids engaged and having fun, all at the convenience of your schedule.

Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the Famer App within 24hrs. Your child’s player profile will already be setup, but feel free to add any additional information, then get kicking!

Famer is a sports coaching & mentorship mobile app that enables personalized training programs and interactive feedback between parents/ athletes and their coaches and sports organizations.

Amazing Athletes Hampton Roads

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