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5 Reasons Kids Love Summer Camp

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Featured Camp! Spring is in the air and parents everywhere are starting to plan their children’s summer activities (because we all know that parents are basically scheduling magicians!) Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation hosts hundreds of camps for all ages each summer with a little something for kids of all ages and with a variety of interests. From sports, to stop animation, nature, and magic, Parks & Rec knows the secret to making magical summer memories.

If you’re a parent who’s on the fence about whether or not your child should attend summer camp this year, we’ve got five reasons that they will love every second of it!

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Summer Camp

1. Spending time with friends! Sure, they see their friends during the school year, but that’s just it, they’re IN SCHOOL. Camp is a time to just hang with their friends while doing fun stuff like swimming in rec center pools, playing in the game rooms, going on awesome field trips, making crafts, and shooting hoops. All fun, all day. No homework involved.

2. Making memories that will last a lifetime! As adults, we often think back to the carefree days of summer and all the fun we had. They don’t know it yet, but one day our kids will do the same thing and fondly remember all the amazing things they did at camp with friends – new and old.  

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Summer Camp

3. Non-stop things to do! Think about the first day of school…all those moms looking exhausted, but also thrilled to put their kids back on the bus. That’s because they were responsible for C.B.P. (Child Boredom Prevention) ALL SUMMER LONG! Give yourself a break and let Parks & Rec fill your child’s days with games, splash time, outdoor adventures, and everything else under the sun to wear them out for a sound night’s sleep!

4. Time away from parents (sorry moms and dads!) Please refer back to #3. Your kids will love spending time away from the house each day and no C.B.P. for busy parents!

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Summer Camp

5. Tons to talk about when they head back to school in the fall! It’s the inevitable question that every kid has to answer when they return to school each year. “What did you do this summer?” We guarantee that they’ll be pumped to tell their teachers and classmates all about their camp adventures this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your kids today and be a summer fun hero! VBgov.com/camps

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Summer Camp