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Local Ways To Be A Helper During COVID-19

Local Ways To Be Helpers During COVID-19

During uncertain times and when scary things happen, we often point to a favorite saying by Mister Rogers, where he tells us to “Look for the helpers.” Here are some local ideas for ways to be a helper during this unprecedented time.

1. Order in. Local restaurants will have to shut their doors if they are unable to weather this time. If you have the financial means to do so, ordering from your favorite local restaurants is a great way to support them. Many locations have put together Family Meal Packages to make feeding the entire family easier. Check out our list of Hampton Roads Restaurants offering Family Meals To-Go Here.

2. Sew masks for those who need them. Is your family crafty? Jo-Ann’s fabrics has launched an initiative for those who know how to sew – they are providing all the resources to make masks and protective gowns for donation to local hospitals. Find out more here.

3. Community Donation Drives. The City of Hampton is accepting donations at three different locations, Monday – Friday, from 3-6pm beginning March 23 and ending March 31. Coastal Edge is also accepting donations at all of their locations, and Lidl has a collection event coming up at the Chesapeake location.

4. Give Blood. There is a severe blood shortage due to COVID-19. Find the nearest location to safely donate blood HERE.

5. Shop Local. Hampton Roads Businesses are looking for online ways to stay open during the shutdown. Check out your favorite local businesses to see what they are offering. We have a list of Local Businesses offering To-Go Craft Kits and a list of Local Farmers Offering Drive-Thru/Delivery Options.

6. Leave uplifting messages for others. Chalk your front sidewalk with, put signs in the windows or banners on the front lawn, post positive messages to your friends’ pages on social media, call to let grandparents and other friends/family members know you are thinking of them. We are all looking for things to make us smile right now.

This is also a great time to reach out to local retirement communities for the best way to send mail to their residents who can’t have visitors and may not have the local support of family.

7. Say Thank You. Let the helpers know how much we appreciate them. You can order food to be delivered to local hospitals, leave great tips for people delivering packages and groceries, and find creative ways to let the heroes who are out working in the community know how much we value what they are doing.

Another way to say THANK YOU – contribute your voice to this song “Hello to the Helpers” being developed locally:

What other ways have you found to be a “Helper” during this time? 

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