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Kids Cooking with Chef Kalani! Kitchen Safety

photo of Chef Kalani wearing her cooking apron and chef's hat.

Welcome to our Series – Kids Cooking with Chef Kalani! 

A Hampton Roads local, Chef Kalani has been cooking since she was 8 years old and can’t wait to share her love of cooking with kids and the MyActiveChild.com community. The goal of this series will be to give Chef Kalani a platform to inspire YOUR active child, sharing her excitement and passion for making child-friendly dishes to share with the entire family.  You can find Chef Kalani on her Facebook Page, and her YouTube Channel!

Today’s Topic: Kitchen Safety!

In this video, some general kitchen safety tips:

#1 Knives should be kept as far away as possible and turned away from you

#2 Even after they are turned off, stoves stay hot, be careful so you don’t get burned

#3 It’s important to keep things clean when cooking. Start with clean space and clean up any mess you make.

#4 Parent supervision is important, and it can be fun!

#5 Ask your parent to show you around the kitchen, and how different kitchen tools work.

#6 Don’t forget hand washing before and after you are preparing food.

Looking for related printables on kids’ safety in the kitchen? Chef Kalani likes these from kids-cooking-activities.com

After The Video… It’s Quiz Time! Did you see a few safety concerns in Chef Kalani’s video? See if you can spot them in her recap:

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