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Homeschool Outsourcing with Pearl Academy

This post was written and brought to you by our advertising partners at Pink Pearl Gymnastics / Pearl Academy in Virginia Beach. Find out more about the homeschool programming offered by Pearl Academy by clicking here.

If you are reading this post, you may be considering homeschooling one or more of your children. When researching homeschool options you may come across names like Montessori, Moore, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and Unschooling. There are many different methods and curricula to utilize in homeschooling, and the choices can be overwhelming. The term Homeschool in most states really just refers to the “Parent” taking charge of their child’s education.

While you are in charge of your child’s education, that doesn’t mean you need to do all the teaching yourself. There are other options!

  • Online instruction programs
  • Local homeschool co-ops
  • Local community classes designed for homeschooled families
  • Homeschool outsourcing
  • Private schools that allow programs for homeschoolers
  • Public schools that allow select programs for homeschoolers

Homeschooling in Virginia Beach through Co-op Learning

Parents who have done local research into homeschool options may know that there are many co-ops in the area. A co-op is a group of homeschool families that meet regularly and teach various subjects to students as a group; these tend to be for specific subjects. One example of a common co-op subject is physical fitness. A regular program of physical fitness is a wonderful addition to a personalized homeschool experience.

Additional subjects you may find in co-ops, especially when the higher grades are involved and specialty skills might be needed: Physics, Calculus, Drafting, and Languages, etc.

Homeschool Outsourcing

What is outsourcing?  This is where you, as the Homeschool Principal/Teacher, hire someone to teach specific subjects or even most of the subjects to your students.  You may go to multiple sources when outsourcing; one place for fitness, another for language, and even another for math.

As the Principal you can actually outsource all of the lessons and remain the principal and oversee “Your Program”. In fact, a small number of private schools offer this outsourcing specifically as an alternative for parents.  Pearl Academy of Virginia Beach is one such place.  The Pearl Academy Homeschool program does 90% of the teaching and leaves the remaining 10% to the parents.

This outsourcing takes the pressure off of parents trying to teach multiple subjects, meet the state requirements, and coordinate knowledge-based testing.  Additionally, some children simply learn better from someone other than the parent.  A benefit of using Pearl Academy of Virginia Beach is that it incorporates elements of the well-established Pink Pearl Gymnastics program where children can have fitness, fun, and learning, all in one place.

Pearl Academy maintains small classes which allow for personalized tutoring.  Visit pinkpearlgymnastics.com or pearlacademyvabc.com to find out more about how utilizing their outsourcing homeschool program can benefit your family’s homeschool experience.