Hampton History Museum Family Day


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Hampton History Museum is back with another great line-up of FREE Family Fun for their Second Saturday Family Day! The theme this month is "Digging Up Hampton: Paleontology and Archaeology".

Description: Children can create their own Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton using cotton swabs and construction paper to gain a greater understanding of how dinosaur bones connect together. With the help of our volunteers, you can check out cool fossils, mastodon teeth, worm rock and other prehistoric finds on loan from The Virginia Living Museum. 

Not only were dinosaur bones preserved from millions of years ago, but also some of their footprints have survived, known by scientists as “trackways.” Using plastic dinosaurs and clay, kids can make their own mini trackways while learning of the discoveries paleontologists have made through their study.

Children will be challenged to think like archaeologists by learning what clues they use to make inferences about history by exploring a replica skeleton. That’s just what the historians at the Hampton History Museum and consulting archaeologists had to do when a backhoe scooped up a skull at the construction site of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Settlers Landing Road in 1989.

The field skills of archaeologists and the thrill of discovery will be replicated in a sand-filled mock dig, where children will use a screen and other tools of the trade to find small artifacts and natural objects.
Where: Hampton History Museum, 120 Old Hampton Lane, Hampton VA

When: Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 11am-2pm

Cost: This 2nd Saturday Family Event is free and takes place in the museum's Great Hall and courtyard. Admission to tour the museum galleries is a special $3 rate on 2nd Saturdays.


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