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Tall Ship – The Nao Trinidad Visits Yorktown (Free Tours!)

The Tall Ship, The Nao Trinidad is currently docked in Yorktown and will be open to the public November 1-3, 2022 for free tours. Please note, there is an admission fee on other dates, see the specific information below on dates and fees!

Description: The Nao Trinidad, a square-rigged replica ship built in Spain in 2018, will be stationed in Yorktown from Friday, October 28 – Sunday, November 6, 2022. Hop on deck from 10am to 6pm daily (until 8pm on Halloween) to explore the magnificent vessel, which features an interactive and educational display of Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation around the world.

About the Ship: This is a replica of the captain ship of what was called the Armada del Maluco (1519-1522) commanded by Ferdinand Magellan. An expedition of five ships, of which only one of them was the protagonist of the greatest maritime adventure in history: the First Round the World Race.

This replica is a beautiful life-size ship of 200 t., 29 m. long and 8 m. wide, four masts, five sails and five decks, built with exquisite work in iroko and pine wood by the hands of master craftsmen master carpenters of the riverside. A ship that sails as a floating museum of Spanish maritime heritage and has already visited dozens of ports in Spain, Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Cost: Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for kids (5-12 years old), and $35 for families (2 adults, up to 3 kids) from Oct. 28-31 and Nov. 4-6. The ship will be open to the public Nov. 1-3  for free tours. School groups that come by bus will receive free admission on any of the dates listed above.

More Information & Tickets: CLICK HERE

NAO TRINIDAD Visits Yorktown Virginia