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The Annual Symphonicity- Lollipop Concert

Symphonicity's Lollipop Concert

The Annual Lollipop Concert from Symphonicity is coming up this weekend!

Where: Sandler Center, 201 Market St, Virginia Beach VA

When: Saturday, January 8, 2022, at 3pm. (the fun beings in the lobby at 2pm)

Price: Tickets range from $5 – $15 and can be Purchased HERE.

Description: The “Wizard of Wonder” takes us on a journey about a question that children all over the world wonder about: “What do I want to be when I grow up?” A young person wonders aloud this very question on our behalf. The wizard leads us on a journey to discover what it is like to be certain things, like a builder, a doctor, an archeologist, or a musician. But the young person has decided they want to be a dancer.

The journey is met with some challenges, as any journey would have, and the young aspiring dancer must determine what to do. With the help of others, including the doctor and the special intangible power of music, the young dancer regains belief in themself and overcomes their challenges. The story ends with all the characters dancing out their dreams in life, powered by a belief in themselves, manifested through the splendor of music and movement.