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Winter Break Fun: Our Daily Gnome Creative Art Center (Holiday Gift Guide Feature)

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Our Daily Gnome LogoIntroducing the local creative resource for children and families working to help kids manage big feelings, and “Kicking Anxiety with Creativity! Learn more about Our Daily Gnome Creative Arts Center, the art programs offered and how you can support their mission by gifting their creative experiences this holiday season.

About Our Daily Gnome: Kids have big feelings that aren’t always easy to express. Just like ART they are MESSY. At Our Daily Gnome Creative Arts Center, we help navigate those big feelings through fun art lessons, workshops and support groups. 

As a supportive and preventative means of enhancing children’s mental health wellness, our mission is to use the creative arts to activate healing, spark creativity, foster learning, empower individuals, and cultivate community connections. By offering a range of artistic activities and programs, we aim to empower children, promote self-expression, and enhance their overall well-being.

Our Daily Gnome Creative Arts Center

Located at 729 South Battlefield Boulevard, Suite B, in Chesapeake, Our Daily Gnome offers programs for all ages and abilities including:

  • Drop-Ins-  find available open craft times, drop-in availability for classes/clubs and one day classes.
  • Classes- Weekly/monthly clubs are located on this link as well as mini-series classes.
  • Camps/Workshops- Summer camps, day camps, one-time workshops and special events are located on this link.
  • Memberships- Membership packages with specials just for VIP members.
  • Parties- Information on party packages and reserving your next party.
  • Gift Cards- Purchase a special gift for someone you love, a friend or a co-worker. You can also purchase gift cards to sponsor a child for class, camp, event or more.

Our Daily Gnome offers an array of family and children’s art classes, open studio time, sewing workshops, monthly family craft workshops, Free VIP MEMBER ONLY workshops, after-school art and sewing clubs, wellness coaching classes for kids, support groups, and so much more!

🎨 Art Classes and Open Studio Time: Inspire your little Picassos with our engaging art classes, designed to develop their artistic skills and ignite their imagination. From painting to sculpting, sketching to mixed media, our expert instructors will guide them on an incredible creative journey. And for the art enthusiasts craving more hands-on experience, our open studio time allows them to explore their artistic passions freely.

🧵 Sewing Workshops: Unleash the perfect blend of style and craftsmanship with our sewing workshops. Whether your loved one is a sewing enthusiast or a complete beginner, our workshops cater to all skill levels. From designing trendy outfits to crafting unique accessories, let them master the art of sewing and unleash their inner fashionista.

🖌️ Monthly Family Craft Workshops: Spend quality family time while indulging in creativity! Our monthly family craft workshops provide the perfect opportunity for parents and kids to bond through art and craft activities. From seasonal decorations to personalized gifts, create lasting memories together as you craft your way to fun and laughter.

🎒 After-School Art and Sewing Clubs: Nurture young minds with our after-school art and sewing clubs! Providing a safe and creative space, these clubs promote artistic growth, build friendships, and boost self-confidence. Watch your loved ones thrive as they learn new techniques, collaborate with peers, and create awe-inspiring masterpieces.

🌈 Wellness Coaching Classes for Kids: Harnessing the power of creativity and mindfulness, our wellness coaching classes empower children with essential life skills. Through engaging activities and expert guidance, we help them foster emotional well-being, resilience, and positive self-expression. Let them discover inner peace and radiate positivity.

🤗 Support Groups and More: We understand the importance of a strong support network. Our support groups offer a safe haven for individuals facing similar challenges or interests to come together, share experiences, and find solace. From art therapy groups to sewing circles, we build a community that uplifts, inspires, and supports each other.

Our Daily Gnome Holiday Offer

The Gift of Experiences

👨‍🎨 Give the gift of a creative experience that will transform lives and cultivate a lifelong passion for art, sewing, wellness, and community. Give the gift of endless possibilities and unforgettable moments. Join us now, and let’s embark on a journey of creativity and discovery together!

🌐 Visit our website at www.odgcac.org or call our friendly team at 757-819-7982 to learn more and customize the perfect gift-giving experience for your loved ones. Happy gifting! ✨🎁

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GIFT IDEA: 🎨 Class packs of 5 ($100) and 10 ($200) are available upon request to [email protected].

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