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Guest Post- A Frugal Chick’s Guide to Buying Halloween Candy


Laura Oliver lives in Chesapeake, VA with her cat Bella. She helps her readers save big at http://www.afrugalchick.com

It’s coming. The time of year where bags of candy invade your house… and you buy them.

Before your kids fill up pillow cases with candy you have you get your own stash to hand out. And it can get expensive.Here are my suggestions to help keep your cost down:

1. Buy candy you don’t like. How many years have you bought candy and eaten all of it before the holiday? Buy candy you won’t be tempted to eat.

2. Buy candy that freezes. Have you ever tried to eat a frozen Twix? It’s practically impossible. If the candy requires that much effort it won’t become something you snack on all day.

3. Buy less instead of more. Leftover candy can be dangerous to your waist line and waste your money. If you run out of candy early turn off the light and enjoy watching your friends with their children. Most people end up dumping their leftover candy in some kids bag at the end of the night. Save your money.

4. Don’t ignore the drug stores. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens often have great deals on candy where you earn store credit when you purchase. By rolling that store credit over to purchase additional candy you can save big.

5. Use coupons. Check on-line, in magazines and in the paper for candy coupons. There are many more than you think!

Using these tips can help you cut back on your upfront candy costs and ensure the candy you purchase ends up in bags instead of being eaten by your family members!

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