Bedtime Story Suggestions

August 17, 2018

This children's book tells the story of how Little Buffalo finds his courage and learns to be brave by facing a storm. more >

August 16, 2018

In this exciting kids’ picture book, Woody the mouse lives in a cave. He’s different to what you might imagine a little mouse to be, because Woody is the most respected of all the forest animals. Even the lion and the elephant come to Woody’s cave to bear him gifts. more >

August 15, 2018

Dynomike trudges through the cold snow, feeling lonely and blue. Until he meets a magical new friend that has just what he needs to feel amazing again. Now Dynomike is on a mission to spread the joy and love to everyone! more >

August 14, 2018

Starting something new can be scary for anyone, but with the right tools, it can be fun too! Join Dynomike in Back to School as he learns the secret to making new friends and fitting in anywhere! more >

August 13, 2018

Theo feels he doesn't belong. He is a white squirrel, but all of his friends are gray. So when his older brother comes up with a daring plan to pilfer some gourmet nuts, Theo jumps at the chance to be the hero. Things don’t go as planned, however, and Theo finds himself trapped in a van, miles away from his family. How will he ever get home? more >

August 12, 2018

Lily, an adopted pup, has won the hearts of her parents. She's their world until they adopt one more. Lily sees her new arrival, Smelly Cat, as a nuisance and wants it gone. Can this pup see the advantages of having it around? more >

August 11, 2018

Children's author Jacob Smith presents: "Helen Keller For Kids Book: Fun Facts About The Accomplishments & Life Of Helen Keller". This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of the world's most beloved and inspirational women, Helen Keller. more >

August 10, 2018

At seven-years-old, Sophia Flembuzzle discovers she is the most hated child in the town of Vedner, and the name Flembuzzle is the source of all her troubles. It is why she is teased by her classmates, eats lunch alone, and is forced to sit in the back of the classroom, with her desk facing the wall. Worst of all, it is the reason that Sophia doesn’t have the one thing she wants more than anything else—a friend. more >

August 9, 2018

“Am I small?” - Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer... more >

August 8, 2018

Two charming ebooks for kids, consisting of happy animal pictures with simple rhyming text. These make ideal first rhyming picture books about animals for children. more >

August 6, 2018

When dragons are factory-farmed, one gutsy girl is willing to take on a ruthless corporation to save the creatures she loves. more >

August 5, 2018

In this inspiring, life-affirming tale, Annabelle asks, "What happens when we die?" Aiden dreams of an afterlife with marshmallow shoes and chocolate kangaroos. But with the help of their dear friends like the Skeptisaurus and Tardigrade Tom, the children discover what we do know, and how worth celebrating it is. more >

August 4, 2018

Even if you don't have guns in your home, you never know where your child will be when they encounter a firearm. Have you done enough to educate your child on how to respond? Too many children are injured or killed by accidents with a firearm - many of these accidents can be avoided with proper education for children (and adults). more >

August 3, 2018

Al is a T-Rex who likes vegetables instead of meat, and everyone at school can't see that it is a good thing he is different- yet. more >

August 2, 2018

When teacher Miss Gonzalez asks her class to write about their favorite part of any book, one student answers honestly: The blank space! This story, written in concrete poetry, conveys the experience of many reluctant readers who choose a book by the size of the margins and text. more >

August 1, 2018

It’s the first day of school for Bitsy Bee, Busy Bug, and the rest of the little bugs! Bitsy and Busy learn their ABCs with the Spelling Bees, paint with some Paintbrush Bugs, and even play a game with a Baseball Bug! Beginning readers will love discovering the fun activities at bug school in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read. more >

July 31, 2018

The Unofficial Harry Potter Secret Quiz Book: Fun Facts, Questions and Answers - Tons of interesting content about Harry Potter books, films, actors, movie directors, J.K. Rowling, and so on. Rare and exciting facts divided into categories, such as Quidditch, Triwizard Tournament, Squibs, Hogwarts Ghosts, and much more. Interesting trivia questions to test your Harry Potter series knowledge Answers to all questions at the end of the book. more >

July 30, 2018

Deep in the forests of Cameroon in the heart of Western Africa a young girl named Snow Flower lives with her grandmother. One day, when Snow Flower is exploring she and her friend, Remi stumble across an injured panther cub who follows them back to her house. What will Snow Flower do when she learns a new secret about the panther cub? more >

July 29, 2018

Encourages children to learn about Astronomy and our place in the Solar System. Kids can discover the vast wonders of space by exploring the eight primary planets, comets, asteroids, moons, and dwarf planets. Each page illustrates a fun character that children will sure to enjoy as they learn the names and fun facts about each planet within the solar system. more >

July 28, 2018

Middle school presents a new kind of challenge for best-friends Sam and Ally, but also a chance to make a unique friend named Cassy. When Sam discovers their new teacher is in trouble, the three of them come together to help her. more >

July 27, 2018

When Honey’s owner can no longer take care of her, she goes to live in a rescue center to be adopted. Meanwhile, a nice woman in the same town is looking everywhere to adopt an English bulldog, but can’t seem to find one. The woman visits the rescue center and meets a number of interesting dogs, but doesn’t feel that special connection. Then she finally sees Honey and they both know it’s a perfect match. There’s only one problem: another family has already agreed to adopt her! more >

July 26, 2018

The animals are excited, they’re going on a picnic! James Jellyfish juggles jam jars and Betty Bee butters bread... These are just two of the amazing animals in The ABC Animal Picnic by author and illustrator Janina Rossiter. Turn the pages of this delightful ABC to find out what happens on the animals’ picnic! more >

July 25, 2018

Do you want to make a bubble? Just open this book and embark upon a magical bubble adventure! Each delightful page instructs the reader to blow, shake, tickle, and anything could happen. Children will love creating a bubble, playing with it and of course they’ll want to pop the bubble! Encouraging imagination with exciting interactive elements will make this a wonderful read-aloud experience. more >

July 24, 2018

In the second installment of Halley Harper, Science Girl Extraordinaire, 10 year old Halley believes science is magic, just like her friendship with Gracelyn. Until one day they can no longer be together. How will she be able to go back to her second summer of Camp Eureka without her best friend and partner in science? more >

July 23, 2018

Max and Cody can't wait to go fishing with Dad. So when their new fishing poles are delivered, they dig up some bait and head for the local fishing hole. But this isn't just any fishing trip. Today, the boys are determined to catch Toothy Brutus, a creature so huge, so fierce, that nobody has ever reeled him in. Will Max and Cody hook the beast? Or will his legend live on? more >

July 22, 2018

Mason was messy. He was very messy! He didn’t like to clean anything, especially his own room. His mom tried all possible way to convince him to clean his room, But Messy didn't want to. Until one day, something unexpected happened that motivated Mason to do it by himself. more >

July 21, 2018

A big fish contest at The Trading Post, the Hollisters’ sporting goods store, has everybody in Shoreham excited. After Pete catches a large fish with a tag on its tail, another adventure begins for the eager young detectives. more >

July 20, 2018

Did you ever just want people to stop and listen to what you are saying? That’s what Emma wants, but she feels like no one will pay attention to what she has to say because she is younger and smaller than everyone around her. more >

July 19, 2018

Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. more >

July 18, 2018

Learn to empower kids of all ages with a simple, life changing skill. Don't let the title fool you. "Powering-Up" helps us deal with challenging situations including being bullied, starting kindergarten OR college, and more. more >

July 17, 2018

Within the story of an everyday child’s game is entwined one of the most important messages of life: the benefits in conducting pleasant dialogue. more >

July 16, 2018

LAUGH YOURSELF SILLY is just what this book will do to readers, with a ton of jokes and hysterical illustrations, there's something for every kid ages 6-14! more >

July 15, 2018

After a terrifying encounter with Emerson Drake, Becky and Joe Mellor return to Bowen Hall for the Easter Holidays. All seems quite normal until they meet Shamus Cusack, a young Irishman with a shocking story to tell, and are pitched into a quest for the fourth Eden Relic, the Sword of Ages. more >

July 14, 2018

On a quiet moonlit beach, a baby green sea turtle stirs from a dream of home. Slowly, slowly with a tap, crick, crack, the baby turtle embarks upon a mysterious nighttime journey. more >

July 13, 2018

How can we, in this crazy world, teach children to be kind? How can we gently guide them to seek their peace of mind? How can we help them understand the differences in others? How can they begin to accept we are all sisters and brothers? Follow Soulful Sydney as she meets the girl next door. And together they set out to wander and explore. more >

July 12, 2018

Bright and bold, fast and funny, "What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear" is a treat to read with your child, with every page being full of surprises and discovered details that will draw your children in and keep their attention. more >

July 11, 2018

Willy the Dinosaur" is a cute book with full color professional illustrations. It's a story about how important it is to share and what friendship is. more >

July 10, 2018

This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of America's most beloved and iconic pioneers in aviation, Amelia Earhart. more >

July 9, 2018

Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can't fly and Butterfly can't chase his tail! Together, they find a way. more >

July 8, 2018

A spoiled cat living in a fancy hotel in Paris, France finds himself unable to enter the hotel one day. Hungry and alone, he strolls to the Tuileries Gardens, where he meets up with street cats. Together the cats find food and shelter, but Andre finds something else that changes his life forever. more >