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Kids’ Kindle Book: Fairy Godmothers Are For Wimps

Click the link to download: Fairy Godmothers Are For Wimps
This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Also, make sure to check out tonight’s Bedtime Math!
Click the link to download: Fairy Godmothers Are For Wimps

Kids' Kindle Book - Fairy Godmothers Are For Wimps

Amazon Description: Recommended ages 9-12. Haley is a so-so scholar unlike her science fair winning, cheerleading, flute playing sister, Hannah. She is also a procrastinator who stinks at the violin.

Life gets a little better for Haley when she becomes acquainted with Juniper Hagglesworth – language arts teacher by day, fairy godmother by night. 

Ms. Hagglesworth helps Haley get out of a few jams, but Haley will learn that Ms. Hagglesworth’s help comes at a very expensive price.

Can Haley get a grip on this magical mayhem before it’s too late? Or will her situation take a strange and surprising turn? Find out in this humorously enchanting new book, specifically geared towards young readers in elementary and middle school grades.

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