Guest Post - Photography: When to Hire a Pro and When to Go DIY

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Timorah Beales is a Certified Professional Photographer. She and her team of expert photographers are located in York County. To see their work, or to sign up for more in-depth photography classes, visit

We want to capture everything. We don’t want to forget in the years ahead as life changes and our kids grow. These days, we’re so lucky. Technology has given us the ability to document every day of our lives, from the average to the extraordinary. Images are vivid reminders of stories that might otherwise be forgotten.

How often do we look at an old picture, gasp and say “I had forgotten about that!” as a smile creeps across our face. By balancing both your own photo snaps and the art of a professional, your family’s story can be told, in whole, for years to come.


When to Rely on Your Own Camera

When we get stuck in our daily routines, it’s easy to forget that memorable things are happening. Things we will want to remember, but might easily forget when life evolves and we get busy with other things. The silly way your daughter holds her spoon while eating cereal, the expression your son makes when concentrating on his elaborate Matchbox car racetrack. All of these things are important, because at some point, they just won’t be there anymore. Take a look around and think, “What will I want to remember?”

Don’t forget those out of the ordinary experiences that will weave themselves into your family’s story. Family excursions, vacations, and even just neighborhood get-togethers will become the source of family lore for years to come. Make sure you’ve documented both the traditional and the unusual experiences. As you’re snapping away, remember to capture not just the people, but also the places and things that make up those experiences.


When to Turn to a Professional

When I say pro, I mean someone who knows the technical and artistic traits of a good photograph and can capture them in nearly any setting. Carefully review a professional’s portfolio before you hire them to ensure that they haven’t just gotten a few “lucky shots,” but that they truly know how to wield their camera.

Everyone knows you hire a professional for a wedding, but what about other special events? While it might seem like it’s an easy thing to have a friend with a camera do the honors, it’s risky. If the lighting is bad, an amateur won’t know the difference and can’t manipulate camera and external lighting to create a pleasing and natural look.

My son is soon having his first birthday party ever, and I’m hiring a photographer. Of course I’m absolutely capable of taking them myself, but I want to enjoy the party, not focus on making sure I get every moment. He will remember me being a big part of the event, so he deserves to have great quality images of it.


You should also hire someone to get YOU in the picture. It’s not enough to have a few blurry selfies of you and your kids. You might want nothing but photos of your kids, but when they grow up, they’ll want pictures with you in them. Think about how much you love to look at old family photo albums – do you love the ones where you are by yourself? Or are they better when your mom is in them, and you remember what life was like through your eyes, not just hers. Nervous about the way you look in photos? Be sure to interview potential photographers to find out how they work with people who think they don’t photograph well.

It is absolutely a photographer’s responsibility to guide you through everything from flattering clothing choices to the right lighting (whether indoors or out) and posing. Believe it or not, there are even posing tips for candid photos that make everyone look better! Here are my tips for looking fabulous in any photo.

Saving up for that occasional professional session and filling the in between with every day shots will give you a full portrait of your life.

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