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Free Parenting Program: LENA Start

Join Virginia Beach GrowSmart and Virginia Beach Public Library to learn more about how to build your baby’s brain!

LENA Start is a FREE class for families with 0-3 year-olds with the goal to help parents increase talk and encourage reading with their babies in those early years. This year the class will be held VIRTUALLY!

Visit www.vbgrowsmart.com, email blito@vbgov.com or call (757) 385-0144 for more information!

Description: LENA Start, a parent group model using innovative talk pedometer technology. The goal is to empower parents of children ages 0 – 3 years and strengthen the home language environments during this critical phase of development. Start groups meet weekly for ten engaging, facilitated sessions. Each session introduces caregivers to simple talking strategies, coaching on how to weave these into daily routines and feedback reports on your home language environment. Families get high-quality resource materials and FREE weekly take-home books. 

LENA Start Virginia Beach

LENA Start Virginia Beach