Kids Kindle Book: Alex Vega and the Oracle of the Mayans

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Alex Vega and the Oracle of the Mayans 

Amazon Description: A young boy is yanked from his home and brought by his parents to a hidden international organization of guardians who have mastered the incredible energy of the “Zero Point Field." An energy that can destroy mountains, build pyramids, or protect the earth from a foretold alien attack that could come at any time.

When his parents embark on a dangerous mission to find a mysterious enemy, their son, Alex, is sent to attend an underground training facility where he learns all about a secret International society that is headed by a 4,000 year old man called Zeusra, or Z for short. 

Alex discovers his parents have vanished, and against all the rules, he and his new-found friends plan a daring rescue. But does he know enough about the Zero Point Field to save them in time?

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