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Harambe for the Holidays Annual Kwanzaa Celebration

kwanzaa show hampton roads

Harambe for the Holidays Kwanzaa Celebration is being presented virtually this year!

Where: Live-streamed on Youtube

When: Saturday, December 26, 2020 from 1-3pm 

Cost: Free. Register Here

Description: Bring your family, community group, or organization to a stage play with a tale that builds character, entertains and educates with the cast, crew, and production team of Atumpan Edutainment and their community partners Blind Guy His Wife Their Life, and Whitehead Productions.

Harambe is a word from the Swahili language that means to pull together. 

The first half of the show includes a celebration of the 7 Kwanzaa principles with visits from friends of Atumpan on the African continent.  Following a brief intermission is a tale written by Corey the Talented Blind Guy. This year’s tale is “Successful Day of Fishing” is a stage play that includes a traditional folktale, where a fisherwoman offers another woman an opportunity to become as successful as she.

Marketplace experience included for extended family opportunities with vendors, activities, and food from TribeKollective.org. This means Kwanzaa principles can be expressed in these ways:

Umoja (Unity): Come together with family and friends

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): Plan to enjoy the activities for all ages

Ujima (Collective Works & Responsibilities): Together we can do anything

Ujaama (Cooperative Economics): Support the vendors

Nia (Purpose): Patronize Atumpan, an arts education organization

Kuumba (Creativity): Experience an interactive show

Imani (Faith): Know that the power of the arts is impactful to community


For more information and registration – Click Here.