FREE Online Chore Chart for the Kids!


Have you been struggling to get the kids to help out around the house?

My Job Chart offers a FREE online chore chart that motivates your kids and earns them rewards that they can save, donate to charity, or spend! You get to control what jobs they have, how many points they can earn (each point = 1 cent) while you help them understand how businesses operate, and the value of a dollar.

My 5 year old and I have had many conversations about how so many of her favorite things are businesses.... included!

She is intrigued that her favorite ice cream shop is a business, the grocery store, Starbucks, her swim teacher, the list goes on. I've also been talking with her about money and how you pay for services you receive, now she can get paid for doing extra chores around the house!

Click HERE to sign up! (It's FREE!)

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