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Featured Camp: Torggler Summer Art Camp

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Torggler Fine Arts Center Summer Art Camps

Summer Art Camp at the Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Center, on the campus of Christopher Newport University, serves children ages 5-14 with a diverse array of half-day art programs taught by professional instructors in the Torggler’s beautiful new facility.

Torggler Fine Arts Center offers morning and afternoon half-day camps four days per week (Monday through Thursday) from June 20 – August 17, 2023. You can choose a morning and an afternoon camp to create a full-day of artistic adventures, including a supervised lunch period and optional after-care.

All camps are taught by professional instructors with decades of teaching experience and sharing the arts with children.

Cost: Each half-day camp costs $150.00, inclusive of supplies. Optional after-care is an additional $20 per week. Click Here To Register!

June 20-23, 2023 Session

Terrific TechArt (ages 5-7) – In this one-of-a-kind art camp, young campers will create painted landscapes using traditional paper and paint. These artworks will be photographed and uploaded to provided iPads, provided, for an interesting digital twist. Campers will then learn basic digital drawing techniques to embellish their landscape for a whole new experience in art making. These truly original artworks will be printed on heavy-weight paper, sure to impress family and friends.

Animals Big & Small (ages 5-7) – From cute little mice to giant thundering elephants, campers will explore our furry friends’ amazing and diverse world in various mediums. Each day will be a new creative adventure. Which will be your favorite?

Mud Madness (ages 8-10) – Create wheel-thrown and hand-built containers, figures, and more during this clay-packed week of fun and creativity. Campers of all skill levels will be amazed at what they will learn to do in just four days. All work will be glazed and fired for a beautiful finish.

Spectacular Digital Stickers (ages 8-10) – Create it, print it, cut it, and stick it! Using provided iPads, learn how to use Procreate to design your own series of stickers. Each camper will have their creations printed on sticker paper with enough copies to share with friends and family!

Weave It, Wear It, Hang It, Love It! (ages 11-14) – Impress yourself with the surprising array of art you can create with macramé! This camp will open up a whole world of creativity that can continue at home. From plant hangers, belts, and wall hangings to bracelets and earrings, campers will impress their friends and family with their new skills.

Techdeck 3D (ages 11-14) – How cool is this?! Create your own custom mini-skatepark complete with a personally designed set of fingerboards. Using mixed media to design and build their own 3-D park, campers will go home with a finished model ready for hours of play.

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June 26-29, 2023 Session

Creative Collage (ages 5-7) – Who knew that cutting, ripping, and gluing a variety of papers onto a surface would be so much fun? For inspiration, we will look at collage work by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Romare Bearden, Eric Carle, and other artists. Campers will then create their own colorful paper using paint and markers, apply decorative origami paper and scrapbooking paper, and cut out photos to create collages. The possibilities are endless and the fun never ends!

Too Good To Eat! (ages 5-7) – Sweet treats, snacks, and food will be the subject matter for this camp session. We will discover the world of Wayne Theibaud and his colorful paintings of food. Campers will create 2-D drawings and paintings and 3-D plaster or clay works based on their favorite foods! They will also learn to draw the different foods and snacks before creating final works of art.

Around The World Art Adventure (ages 8-10) – Buckle up and prepare for takeoff! We are setting out on the ultimate adventure around the world, stopping on each continent to learn and create art specific to different locations. Campers will complete several multi-media projects, such as paintings, sculptures, and sewn animals.

“Shrink-It” Windchimes (ages 8-10) – Create your own themed windchimes. Campers will design, color, and create their own hanging windchimes using an old classic, Shrinky Dinks!

Ceramic Throwdown (ages 11-14) – Get on that potter’s wheel and spin your way to amazing and beautiful pottery. In this camp, students will create vessels that they can eat and drink from. Both beginners and experienced students will learn to master the potter’s wheel. Campers will also learn techniques to finish and decorate their work before it is fired in the kiln and ready to go home

Around The World Art Adventure (ages 11-14) – We’re setting out on the ultimate art adventure around the world. Campers will stop on each continent to learn about and create art specific to that location. We’ll complete several multi-media projects, including paintings, sculptures, and sewn animals.

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July 10 – 13, 2023 Session

Spectacular Selfies (ages 5-7) – You have a beautiful face, so let’s draw, paint, and love it! Campers will explore a world of creative portraiture in fun and fascinating ways. Let art and materials express the uniqueness of you. For inspiration, we’ll look at the work of a variety of portrait artists. Come and learn how artists have been making “selfies” for generations!

The Art of Music (ages 5-7) – In this unique camp, we’ll explore how music and art intersect. We will paint to music and create beautiful musical instruments from recycled objects. Campers will look at artists like Picasso, who used musical instruments as a theme in his artwork. Join the melody and let’s make some art!

A Fishy Story (ages 8-10) – In this camp, participants will explore the art of Gyotaku, or “fish printing,” in a storytelling format. Gyotaku is a traditional form of Japanese art that began over 100 years ago. Campers will create prints using realistic silicone fish along with a variety of media to create their own story. Watercolors, markers, and printmaking inks will be used to create a super fun and imaginative concertina book complete with a decorative cover.

Merry Marionettes (ages 8-10) – Make them dance, walk, run, and perform! In this camp, students will make their own stringed puppets or marionettes. While exploring a variety of materials, campers will also learn the mechanics of puppetry. Campers will create their own unique characters and join together for a final performance.

Furry Friends Needle Felting (ages 11-14) – Whether a beginner or experienced in fiber art, students in this camp will learn techniques such as needle felting and sewing to create a furry friend or two! Students will use these felting techniques to sculpt a 3-D animal, anything from a fox or a panda to a cat or rabbit! Students will also have the opportunity to build up layers of fiber to create a “painting” to go along with their sculpted furry friend.

Put A (Clay!) Lid On It (ages 11-14) – Containers with lids certainly can come in handy, but these are not your ordinary lids! After creating containers using wheel throwing and hand-building techniques campers will look at the art of local artist Katherine Maloney as inspiration for their own unique sculptural and functional lids. Final artworks will be glazed and fired before going home.

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July 17 – 20, 2023 Session

Birds, Birds, Beautiful Birds (ages 5-7) – In this camp, students will create three-dimensional birds and nests with paper mâché, paper pulp, and found objects. They will also learn to draw a variety of birds and create two-dimensional images using wax-resist techniques and watercolor, printmaking, and mixed media. To get inspired, we’ll explore different species of birds and look at sketches of birds by Leonardo da Vinci and J. J. Audubon.

Incredible Insects (ages 5-7) – The world has so many fascinating bugs that are so important to the ecosystem. In this fun camp, we’ll explore the world of insects as well as the amazing artwork of Eric Carle. Campers will learn to create their own incredible little creatures through a variety of 2-D and 3-D art projects including paper mâché, air dry clay, tin repousse, texture collages, and printmaking.

Me, Myself & I – Personal Mask-Making (ages 8-10) – Dive into the world of personal expression through the creation of wearable masks! In this camp, we will be working with clay, plaster, and cardboard as we start our journey of self-discovery through artistic exploration. Campers will create unique masks that reflect aspects of their personal identity.

Game Day (ages 8-10) – Playing games is fun, but creating your own is the best! In this camp, students will create, design and build their own unique board game. What is the theme, what is the goal, and how do you get there? We’ll solve these problems using a wide variety of art mediums in the creation of a personal game day masterpiece.

Art In The Park: 3D Printing & Photoshop (ages 11-14) – Hold on tight while we guide you through an amazing adventure! Campers will learn how to design, 3D-print, and paint a creation of choice that will be the star of their own park. Digital photography and Photoshop will be the tools that blend it all together, resulting in an amazing miniature diorama.

Animate with Procreate (ages 11-14) – What fun it will be to bring your characters to life using Procreate for iPad! This class is suitable for both beginning and experienced students, and will focus on both basic and more advanced techniques, as well as adding backgrounds, colors, and effects. We have iPads loaded with the Procreate app to borrow, or if you wish, you may bring your own iPad with the Procreate app downloaded ($13).

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July 24 – 27, 2023 Session

Party Animals (ages 5-7) – Let’s have a party! Animal antics will be the inspiration for this camp full of animal hats, mugs, balloons, games, and decorations. The week will end with a wild animal-themed party (each camper can bring a small snack if they wish). Let the rumpus begin with your favorite wild animal!

In The Shadows (ages 5-7) – In this week full of fun and adventure, campers will use shadows as their inspiration. We will create and play with shadow puppets, invent creatures from shadow hands, and trace shadows to inspire the artwork. Paint, markers, pastels, and collage will help campers to let their imagination run wild.

Ring Them Home! (ages 8-10) – Clay and imagination is all you need in this fun camp. Students will create several ceramic bells throughout the week. Campers will glaze all of their creations and make them ready to hang. Whether you hang them in the house or in the trees, you will be sure to love them!

Animals on Parade (ages 8-10) – Lions and tigers and bears oh my! What animal will your camper be for our first-ever Costume Parade? In this unique class, students will create wearable costumes inspired by an animal of their choice, or maybe one of their own creation!

Painted Portraits (ages 11-14) – Portraits are a timeless art form. In this camp, participants will learn about drawing facial features and proportions. Students will begin on paper, focusing on drawing the face in sections, before the portrait is transferred onto canvas and painted with acrylics. The use of acrylic paint and color mixing techniques will be addressed. Participants will take home a beautiful final portrait!

Exploring Digital Drawing (ages 11-14) – Participants in this camp will learn new (or improve upon existing) skills pertaining to digital apps and drawing programs. Specifically, students will learn how to use layers and effects that are only achievable with digital art! We’ll also experiment with cell and soft shading to take drawings to a new level. No iPad, no problem! We have enough to use.

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July 31 – August 3, 2023 Session

GlowKids (ages 5-7) – Create eye-popping artwork to light up your day and your night! Neon colors and glow-in-the-dark paint will be used to make dazzling artworks that jump off the page with amazing color and glowing effects.

You, Me and the Sea (ages 5-7) – Let’s discover what lies on top of–and beneath–the sea. Get inspired by beautiful seascapes from around the world, and the boats used to explore them. Campers will create nautical artwork using a variety of materials including watercolor, oil pastels, tin repoussé, and mixed media. Campers will return home with their own marine masterpiece!

Critter Chaos (ages 8-10) – Join us for a wild mixed-media experience! Campers will use all five senses while creating beautiful chaos that will be transformed into gorgeous, textural, and colorful animal faces. Oil pastel, watercolor, ink, and collage are just some of the materials used in these large crazy critter creations.

Tin Time! (ages 8-10) – Tin will be the star of the show as campers create sculptural artworks in a low-relief technique called repousse. Original designs will be transferred onto the tin, and using modeling tools the designs will be pushed in or out to give an amazing illusion of depth.

Magical Clay Creations (ages 11-14) – Light your way to a magical adventure! Participants will use hand-building ceramic techniques to create beautiful garden pagoda lanterns and magical storybook houses. Creations will be glazed, fired, and ready to adorn any garden or room.

The Drama of Darkroom Photography (ages 11-14) – Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to develop your own photographic prints in the darkroom? Here is your chance! Participants will be given a single-use film camera in this introduction to traditional black-and-white photography. Students will be guided in composition and lighting to create successful photographs. Developing the film in the darkroom, and creating final prints from the best shots, will be the culmination of this photographic adventure!

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August 7 – 10, 2023 Session

Robots Rule! (ages 5-7) – Campers’ imaginations will go through the roof in this robot-filled camp! Campers will create several fun, silly, crazy robot characters using a wide variety of materials including tin foil, tubes, cardboard, paint, markers, and much more. Your camper will leave with their own invention of the future!

Cave Kids (ages 5-7) – Take a trip back in time and explore where the first drawings were made, and learn about the early humans who drew them! Campers will have a blast creating a classroom cave complete with drawings, paintings, and designs covering the walls. Life in prehistoric times will be further explored by making tools, games, jewelry, and fossils. Families will be invited to visit this amazing cave creation at the end of the week!

Eggcellent Portraits (ages 8-10) – Instead of having egg on your face, make a face using egg cartons! Campers will create fanciful creature characters that burst out of the frame. Bring your imagination and we will supply the egg cartons, paint, collage, and markers.

Shadow Puppet Theater (ages 8-10) – Be the director and designer of your own theater production! Campers will build their own theater, create their own silhouette puppets, and write their own script for a one-of-a-kind shadow puppet theater production!

Galaxy Explosion Books (ages 11-14) – Join us for an out-of-this-world experience as galaxies explode with color. During this fun and creative camp, participants will explore watercolor techniques joined with a variety of mixed media to create a one-of-a-kind pop open book sure to be a hit.

Claytography (ages 11-14) – Clay and photography, what could be a better combination! Participants will learn how to transfer photographs onto functional and decorative ceramics. Campers will explore slab techniques to create the perfect surface for transferring images. The final art will be glazed and fired!

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August 14 – 17, 2023 Session

ARTSPLOSION! (ages 5-7) – End your summer with a bang! Come along for an exciting art adventure. Each day campers will explore a new and exciting art medium. Tissue transfer paintings, giant stained glass portraits, and woven windsocks await campers in this fun class!

Create With Clay (ages 5-7) – Who doesn’t love clay! Come along with us for a week of fun and adventurous play with clay creating animals, figures, and more. Campers’ creations will be made from ceramic clay that will be glazed and fired in our kilns. We will also explore air-dry clay that will be painted and ready to take home.

Passionate About Paper (ages 8-10) – In the spirit of the summer exhibition, campers will spend this week exploring the art of paper! Creating masterpieces out of everything from colorful paper to the pages of books, campers will spend the week exploring unique styles of paper art and will come home with beautiful paper masterpieces.

Phenomenal Photographs (ages 8-10) – Digital photography and special effects will give your photographs a whole new twist. Participants in this class will learn about Photoshop and ways to create images using 3D glasses, Op Art, and more. Students will use the CNU light lab, and learn about lighting and composition to create photos that will turn heads every time.

Pottery Games (ages 11-14) – In this camp, we will have a blast using clay to turn classic board games into unique and personalized masterpieces! Participants will take home more than one game that will be stained and glazed for a final product that is sure to bring hours of fun.

It Figures (ages 11-14) – In this fun skill-building class, students will learn how to draw figures with realistic proportions and use advanced line techniques to create weight and mass. Enhancing the figure’s personality through properly drawn and fitted clothing will also be addressed. At the end of the week, students will have a newfound confidence when drawing the figure!

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