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notifications_copy.jpgThis news is pretty exciting on both a personal and business front!

I personally have been incredibly frustrated that Facebook doesn't think I want to see updates from Facebook Pages that I have "Liked" just because I don't interact with those Pages all the time.

From a business perspective I post to Facebook all the time and many of you don't get to see the posts! Also very frustrating.

This new "Get Notifications" Feature that Facebook has just rolled out is designed to help you keep track of your favorite pages. I wouldn't recommend it for all the pages you follow as you will have more notifications than you could ever hope to follow up on. But for those that you really want all the updates from, it is a great option.

Here is how it works: Go to your favorite Facebook Page (maybe MyActiveChild.com) and CLICK on the Like Button. If you already Like the page it will say Liked.

Under this button you will have several options including a new one - Get Notifications. Click this option and you will receive notifications through Facebook whenever this page makes a post. You can adjust your Notification Settings HERE and see all your Notifications HERE. There is also an option to receive your Notifications through RSS feed or Text Message (those options are at the top of the page HERE).

Not sure about this? Another way to keep up with posts from MyActiveChild.com is to subscribe to our Email Updates. You receive one email daily with a summary of all the posts made in the past 24 hours.

Sign up for our email updates HERE!

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