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Shark Week at the Aquarium (Virginia Beach)

July 21

North Building talks will be held daily at 11:00am and 2:00pm in the Promenade Room (just outside the Shark Exhibits and Turtle Exhibits).

Sunday: Busting Shark Myths: Discuss and bust common myths about sharks!

Monday: Shark Anatomy and Senses: Did you know that sharks have six senses? Learn more about shark senses and their anatomy during this interactive talk.

Tuesday: Shark Research: How do scientists learn more about sharks? During this interactive talk, learn about and try your hand at some common research methods used by shark scientists.

Wednesday: Every Fin Counts – Threats & Conservation: Thursday: All About Elasmobranches

Though they don’t look like it, sharks and rays are actually related!

Friday: Ask a Shark Scientist: A Q&A session at the Norfolk Canyon Exhibit.


South Building talks will be held daily at 11:00am and 2:00pm (exception: Tuesday’s session only at 12:00pm) in the Education Hall (just past the main lobby).

Sunday: Shark Superpowers: Ever heard of a shark that can walk on land? What about one that glows? Learn about some of the interesting superpowers some shark species have!

Monday: Shark Queens – Women in Shark Science: Learn about women making strides in shark research and conservation!

Tuesday: Careers in Marine Science (12:00pm only): Interested in pursuing a marine science career? Ask current Aquarium staff questions about their jobs and how they got here!

Wednesday: Citizen Science: Did you know you can make important contributions to research and conservation? Learn more about how you can make an impact on science by participating in citizen science projects.

Thursday: Tag, You’re It – Learn More About Shark Tagging: We’re teaching guests about tagging and its uses in shark research. You can even try your fin at tagging a shark!

Friday: Ask a Shark Scientist

Saturday: Shark Superpowers: We’ll highlight some of the unique and interesting adaptations of various shark species, like those that can walk on land or fart to adjust their buoyancy!